Abhishek Gurung

About Abhishek Gurung

A budgeter who craves to explore beyond his limits, that’s what Abhishek is all about. He loves nature, architecture, food, culture, and animals. His dream is to cover the west, south and east coastline of India by cycle.

Best Places to Experience Guru Nanak Jayanti in India

By the end of 15th-century Sikhism emerged in India that spoke of generosity, equality, bravery. Since then, the founder of Sikh faith, Guru Nanak has been in every Sikh followers’ home in a form of ...

New Dawn of Tourism in India: ISKCON

I was on a quest to find solace but I had no visual inspiration to go anywhere but that’s when I was asked to visit ISKCON Temple in New Delhi. Although this was purely an official event, I did find ...

Jaipur Shopping Festival

  The charismatic charm of Jaipur attracts one and all to the city to delve into its vibrant festivals, gastronomic cuisine, lively bazaars, and impressive architectural marvels. But what’s hot ...

Modi pairs with Bear Grylls in Man Vs Wild

Image Credit: Google Images After the Bengal Tiger was declared as India’s national animal in April 1973, there have been many efforts to safeguard these beautiful orange black striped species. And w...

Jaipur: Now a UNESCO World Heritage City

Congratulations Jaipur!!! The Walled City of Jaipur made its entry into the UNESCO World Heritage Site and the citizens of India couldn’t be more proud. Jaipur is the latest addition and it is the 38...