Coronavirus Fails To Scare Incredible India!

Have you been planning a trip to India but putting it off due to the Corona virus scare going around the globe? Fret not! Read on to know why India should be your next travel destination.

The year 2020 has started on a shaky note with the Corona virus outbreak triggering a worldwide panic. With its foundation in China, it has traveled to a few other countries as well. Hence, travelers are bound to be worried about it. But fortunately, so far India has been able to stay immune to the virus. Large-scale screening of passengers at airports by the health officials, a robust quarantine system, and messages intended to increase awareness about the novel corona virus reaching the people are some factors that have helped India steer clear of the deadly virus so far, doctors and experts said.

Corona virus cases have spread to nearly 50 countries and territories with the virus now rapidly affecting more and more people outside China. Globally, over 80,000 cases have been reported. However, India has been successful in dealing with the virus and has witnessed only 2-3 confirmed cases in a population of 1.3 billion people.

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Even going forward the authorities in India won’t let their guard down. The government has put a strict ban on flights coming in from China and the Far East. Airport entry points continue to have stringent checking by health officials of travelers coming in from nations with high risk factor. Visa rules have been amended so that the affected countries and their passengers are issued visas only after a thorough check-up and go-ahead by the authorities.

Another school of thought reaffirms that the virus is unlikely to spread in India because it cannot grow and incubate in warmer climates and as is well-known, we are moving towards Indian summers. So this is something that makes India even safer as compared to other nations. Also, India never got SARS which had otherwise affected the rest of Asia quite badly.

In today’s time, we have more advanced research capabilities, well-trained doctors and nurses, and better psychological preparation to deal with the Corona virus. In addition to this, in all the public spaces, strict hygiene is being maintained which diminishes the possibility of the spread of the virus.

Even our happy guests who have recently traveled with us to India are vouching for the fact that our country is completely virus-free. Listen to what many of them have to say. Thus, there is no need to drop those travel plans to India. Go ahead and book that long-overdue trip with us as we are all set to welcome you with folded hands to our land and make your stay with us an unforgettable one!

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