Christmas Extravaganza- With the Best Celebratory Places in India

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Christmas, the birthday of Lord Jesus, is among the most popularly celebrated festivals world over. This is the day which indicates the end of evil and marks the starting of a fresh phase in life. Christmas is generally celebrated with extremely high zeal and vigour by almost all, irrespective of christianity as one’s religion or not. As the month of December arrives, the festive spirit sets in and people are seen making merry all around. Though, the festival may be a foreign import in India, being a country of diversities, Christmas holds its own special charm for the people here.

India is certainly one of the very interesting options if you wish to celebrate Christmas in the land of east soaked in its own unique style and traditions. A new year also opens its wings in the eve of the setting Christmas. There are quite a good number of places in the country wherein the festivities are at their peak and you get to experience a fresh flavour of the place in the light of Christmas and a new year, thereafter.

Goa, for one, is quite a nice and popular destination in India to celebrate the festival in full spirit. Along with being known as the beach paradise of India, Goa is also known for its enormous number of Churches and the Goan Christian populace. During this time, the place is a glorious encounter with the churches all decked up with lights and the beautiful Christmas trees. Where the lights are a treat for eyes, the carols, hymns and the ringing bells of the season are a melody for ears and the delicious Christmas cake is a sheer delight for your taste buds.

Mumbai, despite being famous for its fast paced busy life, is a great place to party and celebrate the spirit of the festival, when it comes to Christmas and new year bonanza. The city is very popular for its night life, clubs and high class parties. This party hub is all the more gleaming during the Christmas time with people singing, dancing, eating and enjoying in the spirit of the city. The malls and other places are well decorated in shades of red and white and bakeries smell of delicious cakes and oven bakes. The lovely atmosphere at the beaches adds to the charm of the celebrations.

Though Goa and Mumbai are the two most prominent and preferred places to visit in the month of December, other cities which provide for a similar enthusiastic streak of Christmas are Manali, Shilong, Kerala, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi. While Manali and Shilong, being chilly cold and snow clad during this time, make for a perfect setting for this festival, which originally brings out the real feel of Christmas snow. Kerala also is a good option for its beaches, pleasant weathers, beaming streets and the beautiful churches. Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi can be chosen to experience the city zeal and enthuse and to celebrate it in quite a different uber modern style. Describing these places is surely not enough, so this season you must go and see the actual alacrity of a desi Christmas for yourself in the Incredible India.

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