A Foreigner’s Paradise- Khajuraho and Orchha

India is locked with imprisoned beauty that is alluring visitors since time immemorial. To reach behind the bars and unravel the trapped beauty, one crosses oceans and steps into this magical land. The history of India is carved on the walls of every country and it has smoothly crossed all borders to spread it proud wings to the human civilization. Here I am talking about Khajuraho, whose intricate beauty lies in its historical architecture of the curvaceous temple walls.


Stepping out of Khajuraho Railway station is simply walking towards that imprisoned beauty India beholds. The temple like structure follows you while the road ahead is kissed with nodules of vibrant history. It pulls you closer towards grace and elegant bars. Illustrative extravaganza, the Western temples of Khajuraho is nothing but a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Often contradicted as erotic, the temples of Khajuraho is where in a limited space passion is predicted desirable. But strangely yet truly it is that eroticism which draws the attention of an individual who is willing to savor the subtlety of impeccable artistic creations. The figures depicting sort of nudity, physical desire of a human mind very much relates to the human world of realism. Basically the categories of sculpture found at Khajuraho include deities; family, attendants and divinities; female heavenly bodies; animals; and chores of daily life.

And the last category of sculpture depicting scenes from daily life makes Khajuraho popular. Yes it is those erotic sculptures which pull the interest of historians from the world across. From the Lakshmana Temple, to Kandariya, Chitragupt and Nandi Temples, the Western set is an advisable start for any historian or leisure traveler. The Brahma Temple, Javari Temple, Vamana Temple on the East simply speaks of Hindu Gods and Goddess. The Southern set of temples thins up the charm but still holds the power to capture your imagination and soak in the grandeur of elusive architecture. From the very bottom to the extreme top, every corner of the temple is covered by these fantastic elaborate sculptures and I can guarantee that you can never find a blank space on the walls. Even the town is peaceful with good lodging facilities and plenty of open area to enjoy a leisure walk or a bicycle ride.

temple town of orchha

Madhya Pradesh opens up to another beautiful destination, Orchha. It is that single place in India where Lord Ram is a king and his devotees are his subjects. May be Orchha is less invaded by tourists, but its imprisoned beauty is gradually coming out of bars as man has started unwinding it. Chaturbhuj Temple in Orchha town is a vast cathedral like Hindu Temple whose roof opens up to magnificent views of the small town. Also Jahangir Mahal is no less than any other forts or palaces in Rajasthan. It is one of those Mughal architectures where perfection goes beyond imagination. Quite a deserted place, you can listen to the echo of footsteps and sense calmness in every turn. And between these two religions stands a bridge over the Betwa River which very significantly holds two sides of the same coin, i.e., human beings.

These two pillars of Madhya Pradesh, Khajuraho and Orchha depict architecture which was created without any classroom teaching, without using any measuring scale or calculating the area and perimeter. Still their perfection is a learning station for great architects of the world and for historians to discover if there still exists any such craftsmanship inside the black bars.

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