Vazhachal Rainforest: A Journey to Heaven

The heartland of Kerala is blessed with several wildlife sanctuaries, waterfalls, hill stations and spice plantations. A trip to Kerala, aptly referred to as God’s Own Country, takes one to a land of undisrupted beauty and fresh wind. If you are a true nature lover, if the tall trees and dense bushes call you every now and then and if you wish to rejuvenate yourself in the natural breeze, then book your ticket to Kerala. Vazhachal Forest in Kerala- Tamil Nadu border is one such breathtaking wildlife reserve that will not only leave you surprised with its dense gigantic trees, but will also reenergize your tired soul with its fresh oxygen supply.

Vazhachal Forest

The wet, evergreen and dense rain forest of Vazhachal receives very little sunlight and gives rise to a dark environment even during daytime. However, it is the natural darkness that will make you have goose bumps and hold your breath as you will traverse through its narrow pathways. It is the home to wild elephants and tigers and you will be one of the lucky ones to trace them from a distance. Also, the dense stretch of Vazhachal hardly witnesses any human interference. It is where creepers hung from tree branches, banks rise from all sides of the road and ferns, fungi and moss blanket them from all corners. Water flow through rocks and melt into rivulets and white gushing waterfalls welcome you on every bend of the road. In this evolution of plants, Vazhachal still holds numerous species of fern. Amidst dense flora, Nilgiri langurs, Malabar giant squirrels and various species of birds adds to the varied wildlife of the jungle. Large beds of pink and white flowers on the wet rock look like innocent figures hidden behind the bard to protect themselves from the wild look of nature.

If you think that your trip to Vazhachal will be a trip to a paradise on earth, then you are absolutely right. In low light and mild rain (if you receive rainfall) your photograph may not come crystal clear until and unless you have an expandable professional lens, but the haziness will speak the reality of Vazhachal. So to spend some true moments with nature, make friendship with leeches, frogs and toads, plan a trip to this Kerala rainforest and see how beautiful nature looks amidst wilderness.

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