Unusual Experiences of Chandni Chowk Market, Delhi

Not every visit or experience qualify to be penned down in a blog- it is not that they are not best experiences or I would like to forget them but then some are really overwhelming and visit to Chandni Chowk was one of them. After a late night movie on Saturday, getting up late was kind of expected. The plan for Sunday was fixed up earlier during the month. Located opposite to the Red Fort with Jama Masjid in the proximity is located,“ Chandni Chowk”- built in the 17th century when Shah Jahan shifted his capital from Agra to Delhi.  In the present time, Chandni Chowk is one of Delhi’s grandest, busiest and oldest shopping markets with hundreds and thousands of shops selling similar wedding attires at different prices, jewelry and other dress materials. Bargaining hard should be the key trait while shopping here.

Chandni Chowk market is located next to the Chandni Chowk Metro Station on the Yellow Line. Even in today’s modern and fast-paced times, the history of this place remains intact. But we will leave the history of the place for another post and focus only on the unusual things that one will come across while on the visit to this famous place of shopping.

While my family was excited about the amazing collection of dresses, jewellery etc, I was fascinated by the interesting mode of appealing the customers that these shopkeepers had adopted and few things that need to be really observed while you are here:

Small alleys will surely lead to your destination

The ironical fact associated with Chandni Chowk is that the smallest of the Galis (very small lanes) lead to the most famous or the highly recommended showrooms in Delhi. This fact always leaves the first time visitor puzzled till they don’t reach the destination or purchase the thing for which they are here.

Irritating calls of the Marketers

While moving along the roads you will see that one or two people would be stationed outside the shop shouting loudly about their speciality lehenga, sarees, suit pieces. They essentially brought more attention/traffic to the specific shop especially who are not aware of the whereabouts. Sometimes these loud howls make the visitor irritated.

Remove the shoes and sit down on the mattress…

The most interesting part of the whole experience is that in most shops you are required to remove shoes and sit down on the mattress to have a look at the collection. Removing of the shoes and sitting down seems like crossing a certain conversion hurdle. The prospect is now almost committed.

Dare you to have a glimpse of the sky while standing in the Alleys…

If in case you lift up your head to have a look at the sky, you will only come across a number of wires covered with dust… probably never to be un-entangled or messed with! I wondered if in case any of the wire gets entangled some another day what will be the situation in this most visited market. Let’s hope that this may not happen!!

Shopkeepers are imbibed with the talent to gain the trust of the customers…

The person who shows you whatever you will ask for will be very calm and relaxed and full of patience. They will make one feel bad for not buying from him since he had spent so much of his time on us. But it is we who had invested our time and we literally end up buying the one. Another most important statement that will leave a sarcastic smile on your face “Madam Ji yahi quality kam daam me lake dikha do pakka apko free me de dunga.

Do treat your taste buds with yummy delicacies

Do not get hyped after entering the crowded Paranthe Wali Gali instead sit and treat your taste buds with finger licking different varieties of Paranthas that are served with Chutney’s and Sabzi. There are other shops too like Haldiram’s, Bikanerwala and many more. But true experience of Chandni Chowk lies in Karim’s for non-veg food or ‘dahi Bhalla or Chaat’ at the “Nataraj Sweets”.

What is the use of Rickshaw Pullers when maximum people like to walk on foot

As soon as you will come out of the Metro Station, you will see so many poor rickshaw pullers lined up to take you through the small alleys. But maximum people avoids hiring a rickshaw reason being the lanes are either jammed or full of potholes to hits the back if in case the tyre goes in. It Hurts!!

Maybe I was seeing the other side of everything which people surely experiences but never speak about.

Let me know if you visit this market and see what I have just described. Will be interesting when you will share these experiences in your style!!.

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