Travel tips while travelling to India

India is one of the largest civilization of the world and is a diverse country. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and to explore this huge nation one needs to follow some basic tips which will ensure a safe stay in this wondrous land. A tourist has to be very careful with his/her belongings and will have to be aware as in a different land, rituals, people and day to day life varies and is totally different from their places.

One should be very careful with ones documents, the passport, visa, travelling documents and others and should also keep copies of the same as if in case one misplaces the important documents, he/she will have to face the consequences and in that case one can use the copies. An extra care of the belongings is appreciated as in India one should be really careful with money and valuable possessions. One should avoid familiarizing with unknown people and should not be over friendly. These are the basic things that one should keep in mind while traveling to India.

The weather of the country is quite unpredictable and while travelling to this country, one must be sure of the prevailing season. The India travel is best during the months of November to march as this is the time when India’s weather is at its best, otherwise the hill stations are welcoming throughout the year. One should check the climatic conditions in the hilly regions and coastal regions as during monsoon these places are a bit risky, due to the chances of landslide and chances of flooding. So, one should be well aware of the weather of the country to have a pleasant stay.

For health issues, one should be aware of the nearby medical center or hospital, as one never knows if some emergency is befallen, one can be quick to react. One should avoid roadside eateries except the famous ones as one cant be sure of the cleanliness of the place. India is famous for its different cuisines and one can get the best food in some famous restaurants of India which are hygienic as well and one wont regret. Shopping in India is also worthy and affordable but one needs to keep a check on the original prices of things. If possible one should go for a tour operator and can lead a tension free stay. Avoid con-men and thieves. One should not rely on strangers.

India is a “Land of Contrasts” and a stay here is always fun but certain travel tips should be there in one’s mind so that the stay is safe. One should always have a travel map, so in confusion one can take a help from it.

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