Travel Myths Across The World

While the world is changing and many are travelling across the globe, there are a bunch of people held back by the age-old myths of travelling. They are way too scared to overcome those myths and give it a go. Please look down at the myths listed below.

Travel is expensive:

Yes, it is; if you are planning to take a private jet to Paris and prefer staying in a suite. But if you are one of those budget travellers and the only major concern is about making the most out of your travel, then travel is not at all expensive. In order to travel smart and cheap, please go through Tips to Travel cheap in India

Booking in advance will save you money:

This myth was a reality back when there were less number of service providers so people used to book flight tickets up to 6 months or a year in advance. But the current statistics show that the best time to book flight tickets would be 7 weeks in advance. And if you are flexible with your dates, then you may wait until the last moment when the airline releases the tickets in a cheaper fare to fill the seats.

Taking a sabbatical to travel will jeopardize your career:

Taking a break for half a year or a year will not affect your resume. A year taken to travel around the world, meeting new people, understanding new languages and trying out new lifestyle with constant learning would rather reflect the kind of versatile personality you are and would also reflect your interest and involvement in other communities.

Travel is dangerous for women:

This has been the biggest myth so far. You should not travel alone just because you are a woman is the worst reasoning one can give and has been proven very much wrong by the out going women who have travelled across the world without facing any such hindrance.

English is spoken everywhere:

If you are of the opinion that English is spoken everywhere then you might want to recheck on the popularity of the language. Undoubtedly it is the third largest spoken language in the world but it is not used everywhere. So before planning a trip, cross check on the destination you’re heading towards.

All backpackers are beer-swilling, weed-smoking crackpots:

Over the years, the image of a backpacker has been no less than a pot-smoking, dirty alcoholic, who roams around places without taking a bath for months together. While some might justify the category but not all are the same. For some being hygienic is a must as good health is essential for travelling.

Communication is difficult:

In today’s world, tourism has been such a wide phenomenon that you find ample amount of guides as well as books and route maps to guide you through the location. Language is not a major constraint; having a guide book in hand. And also most of the local guides speak English, making communication easier. Also thanks to all the smartphones and gadgets, that have made our life simpler.

Street Food is Unsafe:

The food served in a Five Star restaurant is safe as serve it in a plate, well decorated and looks appealing. If this is your concept of safe and healthy food then you might be wrong as you don’t get to see how it’s prepared in the kitchen and might not be as fancy as it looks in the plate. Whereas the street food is usually fresh and they prepare right in front of you so you know for sure that it’s not stale. And moreover the food is deeply barbecued so there are lesser chances of food being semi-cooked or causing illness.

Be careful of the locals:

Probably the last thing you should worry about. Though it highly depends on the destination you are visiting, most of the locals in a tourist destination are warmhearted and welcoming. As unsafe as your home city could get at times, stopping yourself from travelling because of the fear of the locals would be the worst decision to make, ever.

Currency conversion rates better at home:

This is yet another myth which is widely believed all across the world. One must do a good research before blindly exchanging the currency at the home nation as the conversation rates might be better at the destination. Often the best way to obtain the appropriate currency is through using specialist bank accounts or credit cards, which don’t charge a commission when you use them abroad.

Can’t Travel with children:


Having a second thought on travelling since you already have a toddler or two is the worst excuse ever. In fact you should travel often with your children so that they too get exposed to the outer world and learn on the go. They will be more aware of the culture and also will be flexible to the changes. Also you will get a chance to look at things differently through kids eyes. Things might get a little tiring at times but it will bring your family together.

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