Top 5 Beaches in the proximity of Tamil Nadu

When we talk about Beaches in India, the first thought that pops up in every head is the smallest state of India- Goa. The statement “Beaches in Tamil Nadu” might leave many people jaw-drop in astonishment; after all Tamil Nadu has been ranked 24 by New York Times in 52 Places to go in 2016. What if, we say that the beaches in Tamil Nadu have their own appeal that draws a large number of tourists from across the world? Wouldn’t you be happy to know about some of the beaches located in the proximity of Tamil Nadu? The beaches of Tamil Nadu are the perfect tourist destination to partake in fun activities and enjoy some relaxed moments along with the loved ones. Listed below are the top 5 Beaches of Tamil Nadu:

1) Eliot Beach

In actual it is the extension of the famous Marina Beach in Chennai. The scenic beach ranks at the Top amongst the cleanest beaches in Chennai and in the whole of south India. But the bitter fact of the beach is that it does not offer any water sports activities. However, the visitors can indulge in a different kind of fun here which refreshes mind and soul. While walking if the architect in you suddenly awakens, don’t curb your natural instinct to play with or build castles out of it.

2) Marina Beach

Marina beach is considered as the longest beaches of the Asia. Being the longest beach in Asia, it is one of the most frequently visited beaches in India. People from across the world come to see this place. Sparkling golden sand and crystal clear blue water lure every beach lover. It is also one of the surfing beaches in India. Beach can be ideally visited either during the dawn or the dusk when the area becomes a virtual ground with food stalls and other entertainments.

3) Covelong Beach

Once a small fishing village at present Covelong is one of the main fishing villages in Tamil Nadu and most famous beach resorts in South India. It is peaceful and pretty as compared to other beaches in Tamil Nadu. For people looking for a pleasant and calm stay, Covelong Beach is the perfect beach holiday destination. It is also one of the most scenic beaches in Tamil Nadu. Every year the famous Olive Ridley Turtles travel here to hatch their eggs.

4) Mahabalipuram Beach

Just located away at a distance of 60kms from Chennai is the beach of Mahabalipuram. Mahabalipuram is also known by the name of “Mamallapuram”. The place once ruled by Pallavas is popular for the Rock Cut Temples. The main attractions of the beach include the Five Rathas and Arjuna’s Penance. The UNESCO World Heritage-listed site is the most visited weekend getaways amongst the people of Chennai. Mamallapuram Dance Festival is one of the famous festivals celebrated here.

5) Rameshwaram Beach

Rameshwaram is an Island covered with the sea on all of its sides, sea shores available on all its corners. However, the beauteous beach is bordered by the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar. Every day thousands of pilgrims took a bath in the seas as the place holds very religious sanctity. As according to Ramayana this is the place where Lord Rama worshipped lord Shiva and further invaded Sri Lanka. Famous Ramanathaswamy Temple makes Rameshwaram, a quiet seaside hamlet and the major tourist hub.

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