Tigress Gives Birth to 4 Baby Tiger Cubs in Ranthambore

Ranthambore national park, one of the largest national parks in Northern India witnessed a historical event when a tigress code- named T19 was spotted giving birth to four tiger cubs. The event that happened on 9th April, 2014 was beautifully captured by cinematographer S. Nallamuthu and guide Hemraj Meena during a morning safari.
It was 13 years back when in a similar incident Bakola tigress, known by her territorial site, was spotted with her four cubs.

ranthambore national park newborn tiger

Ranthambore wildlife sanctuary, famous for its tigers, is one of the best destinations in India where one can easily spot these majestic predators in the jungle. A very sought after adventurous destination, the sanctuary attracts wildlife photographers, animal lovers and adventure freaks from all across the world. If you are a wildlife lover and want to spend some time with the jungle and its rulers, then don’t miss out on Ranthambore. November to May is the best time to visit the park when the nature of the dry deciduous forests make sightings common. Take an entry to the jungle and you will be easily spotting a tiger even during day time. With your camera take a snapshot of your trip and carry back with you memories of a lifetime.

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