Jaisalmer: The sultry desert-scape destination of Rajasthan


Affluence is at its peak in Rajasthan – The grandeur forts, intricate design palaces; a wide expanse of desert, shimmering lakes, and heap of hills is what makes Rajasthan a go-to-destination.

Amongst the many ‘hard to resist’ destinations in Rajasthan, let’s talk about Jaisalmer, or the Golden City as many of you would like to call it. Separated from other popular cities by acres of nothingness only desert scape and staggering windmills is where you’ll get the rustic Rajasthani experience. For a soothing long weekend break, there couldn’t be a better city than Jaisalmer. You can call in the staycation mood and stay in some of the luxurious resort or in traditional hotels. Besides living life king size, you can also head out and rubberneck as you go for a camel safari across the Thar. So come, let us delve into some of the irresistible landmarks you cannot miss out on during your vacation in Jaisalmer.


Jaisalmer Fort – A Fortified City

One of the two reasons to visit Rajasthan’s furthest city is for the massive Jaisalmer Fort. This majestic structure is one of the biggest forts in the world which overlooks the city and the expansive Thar. As you enter into the fortified complex, you can’t help it but wander along the narrow lanes which treasure many attractions like temples, palaces, and museums. It literally feels like a city within a city. Jaisalmer Fort has many hostels, guest houses and even hotels for travellers to lay their heads. Plus, the restaurants and shopping areas are even livelier after the sun sets.


The Great Thar of the West

Another reason what makes Jaisalmer a stunning getaway destination is for the camel safari on the endless desert which borders India-Pakistan in the far north-west. To begin with, there are many areas in Jaisalmer that provide camel safaris. While the majority of tourists are taken to the Sam Sand Dunes. Depending on the package provided by different tour companies or hotels, you will be offered with luxury desert camp stays traditional dance and gastronomic delight. And the most memorable experience of them all will probably be sleeping underneath the stars. If camel safari is something you do not prefer, some of the tour packages also include the dune bashing safari experience.

Other attractions to visit in Jaisalmer

The city is dotted with rustic earthy sandstone houses and narrow lanes. You can’t help it but be impressed by its authentic vibe. While the majority of tourists make their way to the Jaisalmer Fort, there are other overlooked sites such as –


Bada Bagh

To see the silhouette of the Jaisalmer Fort from afar, there can’t be a better place than Bada Bagh. It is also less-touristy so there is another great point to get an uninterrupted picture of the fort. It is a calming complex located off the city roads and towards the north. You can find great photo opts here alongside attractive royal cenotaphs, or commonly known as chhatris from the times of the Maharaja.


Patwan Ki Haveli

The second most popular attraction in Jaisalmer after the fort is Patwan Ki Haveli. This haveli has a unique style of architecture with a combination of five haveli’s each differing from each. The haveli is completed in yellow sandstone giving a striking appeal and a grandiose sight to awe.

Folklore Museum

Unearth the history of the bygone era by visiting the Folklore Museum which is located on the banks of the Garsisar Lake. The museum is divided into six sections and each of these sections are filled with a rich collection of items like puppets, costumes, jewellery, fossils, paintings, photographs, camel and horse decorations. Folklore Museum is worth visiting if you are interested to know how life was actually like back in the royal times.

Did the article make you excited to visit Jaisalmer? We hope it did, but if you are more of a laidback traveller, we also have short travel packages for you. So, make haste and plan a trip with us to the Maharaja state of Rajasthan and get a different sight of Jaisalmer!




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