The lesser known Ghats of Banaras- 5 of our personal picks

The beauty of Banaras isn’t limited to the famous Ghats. The Ganges is pretty much the lifeline of the people and the Ghats are

dharbhanga ghats

Darbhanga Ghat – One of Varanasi’s most imposing, appealing and architecturally impressive Ghats, Darbhanga is a classic combination of Ganges flowing alongside monumental beauty. It features a spectacular palace built in the early 1900s by the royal family of Bihar. The Ghat is impressive beyond words and pictures. USP-Idle for photography and a laidback evening stroll

Kedar Ghat

Kedar Ghat – Located in the south of Dasahwamedha Ghat, it can easily be spotted by its red and white candy-stripped exterior. The water in the Ghat is believed to contain mythological healing properties and is frequently visited by
pilgrims and devotees. Different Ghats in Varanasi are visited by different communities and Kedar Ghat is famous amongst the South-Indian and Bengalis. USP- Water is believed to heal unhealthy body and cleanse the soul.

Latika Ghat
Latika Ghat – Towards the left from the Dasawamedha Ghat, after a walk of 10-15 minutes, you’ll reach the Latika Ghat. The Ghat homes the famous Nepali temple, built by Rajendra Shah, the king of Nepal in 1843. Enter the temple premises and walk upstairs, look at the astounding preparation of Ganga Aarti and you will feel absolute bliss. USP- The unique architecture of the Nepali Temple is amazing and the view of the Ganges and the city from upstairs in breath-taking.

Bhosale Ghat – Built by the Maratha ruling Family of Nagpur, the Bhosale clan, made this picturesque Ghat, idle for a photo session. It has a beautiful stone building with artistic windows at the top and remains quiet most of the time.
Lakshminarayan Temple, Yameshwar Temple and Yamaditya Temple are the major shrines on this Ghat. USP- Quietness and simplicity of this Ghat is unique in itself.

Scindhia Ghat
Scindhia Ghat – One of the most picturesque Ghats of Varanasi, Scindia Ghat stands right next to the Manikarnika, the Burning Ghat. Of particular interest is the partially submerged Shiva temple, which was sunk during the construction of the Ghat in 1830. In the serpentine lanes above the Ghat are located, ancient temples and age-old shops. It’s advised, you take a walk along the narrowness of Varanasi and learn about the Holy city. USP- The half submerged Shiva temple and its history.

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