The Joyous Cultural Sands- Jaisalmer Desert Festival


The Golden city of India, Jaisalmer is popularly known for it’s royal grandeur and magnificence of the beautiful Havelis and Palaces all around made hundreds of years ago. It is a state showcasing a wonderful picture of the rich traditions and culture of the whole of Rajasthan. Jaisalmer in all its glory, host a three day long annual festival in the wintery months of January- February.

Every year the barren mighty gold sands of the Thar desert glisten with the valor, hue and the classical brilliance of traditional music and dance of the ethnic Rajasthan with the annual Desert Festival organized by the Department of Rajasthan Tourism. The Rajasthani men and women of the native place come alive during these three days, in their shimmering bright traditional costumes and put up an excellent show of the rich folk culture of the state.


This annual festival of sands is ornamented with several interesting competitions like turban tying, moustache, traditional musical and folk dance competitions among others. These competitions make for an engaging day of activities, fun and a thorough involvement in having a taste of the exotic Rajasthani outlook. One gets a get a real feel of the place in and around by enjoying the performances, participating in the competitions along with enjoying the sumptuous delicacies of the rich variety of food. People click photographs and capture these unique pretty moments in their hearts as well as in print to keep a memorabilia for the lifetime.

The puppeteers, acrobats, camel tattoo show, camel races, camel polo, traditional procession, camel mounted band etc form the other major attractions of the fair. Tug of war and Panihari Matka race are also among the interesting events wherein visitors to the fair can participate and get further insight into the rich culture and the heartiness of the native people.

rajputs moustache

Another interesting competition of selecting the Mr. Desert of the festival from among all the men present at this fest is also quite an entertaining session in itself. Right from the length, breadth and style of the moustache to the unpolished physique and naturally huge built of the native men all are judged in order to choose and award the ‘best man’ of this exquisite desert fest. All of this paint an extremely chromatic picture of the place, its people, its traditions and culture and provides for a great time of never ending fun and exotic memories in making, for each of the tourists world over. Where the days loaded with various amusements, the nights give an equally nice feel, looking fabulous under the glimmer of the full moon skylight along with the dazzling performances by the folk artists.

In all, this experience is absolutely worth it and makes visiting the place all the more crucial for you while touring of India as one surely can’t miss the heart of the country, this stupendous cultural hub.

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