The invention of the Sub-continent- Art of playing Carrom / Karrom

If you are an Indian yourself, there is nothing much I can tell in this article that you already don’t know. So read on, if you have a little or no idea about this intoxicating game. Carrom, this strike and pocket table game is believed to have originated in the Indian sub-continent, played by the Maharajas and Ranis of Rajasthan. The Game is followed like a tradition in India and is one of the first indoor games every Indian kid learns to play.

Art of playing Carrom

The game is usually played on a board made of plywood. The board is cut in a perfect square with holes at all the four corners and the underside of each pocket is covered by a net. Carrom is played using wooden disks of three colors, the red one being the Rani(Queen), the black and white ones are the pawns. There is a striker of standard specification, usually larger than the pawns and the queen, and is used to strike the smaller disks.

The popularity of the game is manifold and has amplified over the years. Carrom is played in every Indian household, after meals, before naps, between studies and even during business hours. There are champions in every house and all the rest of us envy there Carrom might. The game simply brings back the lost childhood and makes you want to play more.

Any number of explanations I put together will not suffice to the excitement one experiences while playing Carrom. Well the game is kind of a big deal in India and nearby nations and even qualifies as a national sport. So, if you are here and emptying you pockets to buy those exquisite Jaipuri footwear and the expensive Kashmiri pashmina, just take a deep breath and ask the shopkeeper, if he has any carrom board around. Carry it home with you as they are available in various sizes. Learn the tricks and tips and become a pro in this amazing Game.

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