The Facts and Myths of the Cultural Capital of India – Know Kolkata Better

So you think you know Kolkata, in and out, every nook and corner, every street and alley and every fact and feature. Well, I hate to break your heart but there is always so much more to the city as ancient as Kolkata then we think there is. The cultural capital of India, home of country’s most celebrated intellectuals and poets, the city is charming in its own chaotic way. The unending rush, the fascination is nothing compared to how proud we are to have Kolkata- The state of million colors and faces.

Kolkata facts

1. There are a few obvious facts we know about Kolkata, but then there are a few that are still unknown to people. To tell you a few, I have put together a list of 10 fascinating facts about Kolkata, so here goes.

2. The botanical garden of Kolkata homes the largest Banyan tree in the world, with a circumference of more than 330 meters. The tree is huge and absolutely exciting to watch.

3. The Birla Planetarium is second largest planetarium in the world and the largest in Asia.

4. The center stage of all the trade, Calcutta was considered the Empire’s second most important city after London.

5. The Calcutta football league, started in the 1890s is the oldest football league in Asia and the second oldest in the world. Now can you beat that?

6. The national library of Kolkata is the largest library of India, beating all the metropolitan cities and there fancy libraries.

7. The College Street of Kolkata is a paradise for book lovers. Famous specially for second-hand books, the market is believed to be second largest second-hand book market in the world.

Of course not to forget, the century old hand pulled rickshaw is still real in Kolkata, making it the only city in India still practicing the form.

When it comes to books nothing can beat Kolkata in India, hence making the Kolkata Book fair, World’s third largest collection of books and Asia’s largest collective book Fair.

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