TAMBDI SURLA – A 13th century hidden marvel of Goa

It is believed that God Shiva is All and in All, the creator, preserver, destroyer, revealer and concealer of all that is. There are many ancient Shiva temples in the mystical land of India, spread over states and regions. A lot of them were claimed to be destroyed by the Mughals and British, failing to survive the war and demolition, only a few survived through time. One of such ancient temples is the TAMBDI SURLA.


The temple is located in the village of tambdi surla(same name) at the foot hills of Anmod Ghat, which connects Goa to the state of Karnataka. Approximately 65 kilometers from the capital city of Panaji (Goa), this 13th century Shiva temple has sustained through centuries of Muslim and Portuguese rule. The Temple is cozily sitting in a remote jungle and accessible, only recently, after trekking through dense forest. It takes 45 minutes of brisk walk to reach the place.

The idiosyncratic setting of this temple is beginning to attract thousands of travellers and explorers. It’s somewhat out-of-the-way location makes it an excellent day trip for the adventure buffs. Like a lost page from an old history book, Tambdi Surla is simply beautiful. Intricate carvings, the headless Nandi bull in the mandapa (pillared pavilion), the three stepped entrance, the shrine surmounted by the tower and the surrounding jungle, everything adds up to a perfect travel location.

The temple is surrounded with rich flora and tambdi surla waterfall in the backdrop. The last stop before reaching the place is Darbondora village from where visitors will have to walk to the falls. The waterfall can be heard before it is reached by the roar of the water that cascades down from the heights. The tranquil landscape amidst the culture and nature makes it an amazing blend of adventure and knowledge.

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