Take it Easy and Click Amazing Travel Pictures with your Smartphone Camera

Clicking photographs on holidays is what we all are crazy about and the smart phone generation has simply made it easy and swanky. Who doesn’t want to take a selfie with snowy mountains at the backdrop or and immediately post it in Facebook, personal blog or Instagram? After all the habit of taking photos of blue sea, golden desert and posing in front of ancient monuments and tall mountains have remained a common habit among travelers since time immemorial. Now just the medium has changed and we don’t have to carry a camera all the time. The high-pixel in built smart phone camera is a handy medium to click amazing pictures of our beautiful world. Snap spontaneous moments with a smart phones tiny potential lens and see how beautiful the picture looks when you frame it for your living room’s wall.
Close up photo of a female tourist taking photos of a beautiful beach in The Bahamas with her iPhone 4 camera
These few tips will help you click breathtaking pictures with your smart phone camera:

1. Keep the flash away: a perfect photo needs perfect natural light and the LED flashlights might act as a barrier to it. The LED flashlights can burn the pictures or make them terribly bright, making the original light take a back seat. So try to avoid the flashlight as much as you can and click fantastic travel photos with just the amount of natural light you get. Don’t worry if your camera produces semi- dark photos as there are several photo editing tools available today.

2. Crop instead of zoom: rather than using the digital zoom in your smartphone camera, it is better to crop the photo to focus on the subject. The subject may get pixilated when captured using digital zoom. So try to get as close as possible to the subject and later on crop the picture if required. The image will definitely not suffer from loss of quality.

3. Keep the camera lens clean: a thumb rule to get good photographs is to keep the lens clean. A lens full of dust can destroy your pictures like anything. Also, remember that your mobile cover or wallet does not keep your lens 100% dust free all the time. So next time if you wish to take good shots, clean the lens beforehand.


4. It is not the shutter sound every time: you cannot always trust the shutter sound of your smart phone camera. This is because the phone camera first tends to make the shutter sound and then click the picture. So to get a blur free image, hold on the camera switch for a while after you hear the shutter sound. This will give you your favorite sharp bright image.

5. Edit is superior to filter: I am not speaking against the default filters in the apps. However, editing photos the way you want gives it a perfect edge. Try out image editor apps like Photoshop Express, Picasa and get amazing pictures.

So next time you travel with your smart phone, make the best use of its megapixels. Capture cool and real-life like images and instantly post it on social media. Your photos will overflow with likes and comments.

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