7 Silly Stereotypes Most People Assume About India

“In India, even exceptions run into millions”

The aforesaid words truly describe the diversity of our country. And lets’ face it, India is home to the lot of stereotypes, which are largely untrue. However, it has held the imagination and made a place in the minds of people who haven’t visited India yet. So let’s take a look at those common Indian stereotypes and try to break some mental blocks today.

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1) India is a land of Snake Charmers, the elephant commuters, the great Indian rope trick

Silly Stereotypes of India

The reality is that snake charming or using any animal for entertainment purpose is illegal in India. If you have ever seen any of this performance anytime in India, you have seen them performed one more time than I have.

2) India experiences a single climate all throughout the year. It’s hot everywhere!!

Silly Stereotypes of India 1

From the snowfall and the frozen lakes of Kashmir and Manali in the North to the crystal clear waters of the Andaman in the South to the rains of Cherrapunji in the North East to the sand dunes of Rajasthan in North West, the temperature varies.

3) The streets of India are too crowded and full of stray animals

Silly Stereotypes of India 2

Often foreign tourists visit India to have what they term a “real India experience” which can be found on the streets of India irrespective of the fact that they are crowded. Another stereotype is actually true and it won’t take you long to spot your first cow. 

4) Indian cuisines are full of spices and oils and every Indian cuisine is Butter Chicken

Silly Stereotypes of India 3

Each region in India has its own style of cooking. While the Punjabi cuisine served in Indian restaurants across the nation in real terms it’s not what Indian food is all about. Check region by region famous Indian food.

5) Indians tend to speak irrelevant stuff

Silly Stereotypes of India 4

One of the main trait to be noticed in Indians is their tendency to act or speak inappropriately, often earning them glares and negative remarks from the other characters. However, if they won’t share their enthralling tales how would you get the feel of real India.

6) India is a land of 150 languages out of which 22 are officially recognized

Silly Stereotypes of India 5

In India, we move from Punjab to Bengal to Rajasthan to Kerala and we have language problems. Every 50-100 miles you’ll see the dialect even changes. However, Indians still give warm welcome to who so ever comes their way and also they are known for their warm hospitality.

7) Indians worship millions of God and Goddesses and hence so many festivals

Silly Stereotypes of India 6

330 million gods in India!  Therefore every living and non-living thing are viewed as sacred. This is also the reason that every day is a festival in India. The wide variety of festivals celebrated in India is a true manifestation of its rich culture and traditions. 

Try to break the mental blocks today, if any, and plan your next visit to India with GeTS Holidays.

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