Soak in the Essence of Old Delhi


An aerial view of Old Delhi from one of the minarets of Jama Masjid

There is a popular saying in Hindi, ‘Sabar Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai,’ which means, the fruit of patience is sweet. Likewise, we cannot force ourselves to delve into the tradition and culture of a new country all at once. But we can slowly soak in the essence of the place through the local food, their language, and the people.

Panorama of the Red Fort in Delhi

Front view of the iconic Red Fort

So, while you are in the capital city of India, Delhi and have all the time for a quick half-day Delhi tour, come and walk through the vibrant bazaars and savour lip-smacking street food with some of the best walking tours. Delhi Heritage Bazaars and Street Food with Rickshaw Ride is one of such tours that will take you around the busy streets of Old Delhi. Make your way across the narrow lanes and get a visual treat as soon as you enter into the open courtyards of Red Fort. You will literally feel the noise fade as you keep following the paths inside the fort. Red Fort which was the official residence of the Mughal dynasty until 1856 still possesses a certain charm. It is a historic attraction and a prominent landmark not just in Delhi but in the country.


A cow posing for the camera on the streets of Chandni Chowk

Spruce up and go for a bewildering experience in the heart of Old Delhi by visiting Chandni Chowk. This part of the city may seem a little overwhelming at first glimpse but you won’t take time to adjust with its ambience. It can be hard to resist their intimate lanes, small tea stalls and busy roads that almost makes one feel they are not only meant for people and cycle rickshaws but even cows. In India, cows are considered sacred animals. But focusing on something more appealing, Chandni Chowk is a popular shopping area filled with clothes, full of spices, silver jewellery, dried fruit, essential oils, stationery, Indian sweets and more. You can gobble delicious Indian snacks. While walking may seem tiring after a while, thankfully with so many cycle rickshaws you can free your feet from walking.

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