Rejuvenation a Top The Hills At Moksha Spa Resort

Moksha Spa Resort

This time around, I was visiting my beautiful country, the Incredible India, after almost a gap of four years and for the very first time with my wife, Isabella, two months after we got hitched. Definitely so, it was a very exciting time for my whole big family to welcome their ‘desi’ son and new ‘videshi” daughter-in-law and they did gave us a very open-hearted warm welcome. And after all the endless rituals, I decided on some mental and physical relaxation time for both of us in the popular Timber Trail Resorts for a weekend getaway.

Timber Trail is broadly divided into three parts and we chose to let luxury prevail and booked for a stay in its poshest spa resort, Moksha. From the moment I stepped on the land of Kalka, I was sure of a great experience ahead for the pleasant weather favoured us. Extremely beautifully built, the spa resort was every bit as splendid as I had expected. In the very early afternoon, we checked in our deluxe suite, which in itself spoke volumes about the place. Soon after, we found ourselves neck full of a sumptuous meal, as if tailor-made for our taste.

Next, we headed on to enjoy the lush green garden terrace of the resort and it was surely a sight. Quite nicely maintained, it was wonderful to take a stroll in and very much picturesque for I couldn’t stop clicking pictures. A nicely organized session of indoor games, arranged by the very humble staff was what we spent the next two hours in. After an evening nap, we then headed on to enjoy drinks at the poolside of the resort and the view of the hills and the surrounding cities from a distance was almost divine. Soon after we he treat in the form of a lovely candle light dinner on the cosy ambience of the restaurant.

Our second day at the resort was fully dedicated to enjoying the main attraction of the resort, their rejuvenating spa therapies. In the late afternoon, we were greeted by the serene atmosphere of the spa area with soothing music playing in the backdrop. The body spa was such a calming experience and you feel much closer to your inner self in the utter silence and inactivity of the moment. Although, ours was broadly a relaxing one time trip to the resort, I got to know that a lot of people, solo and in groups, visit the place every year to undertake the various spa treatments as some medicinal cure.

Post the spa body massages, we enjoyed a lazy time in the climate controlled infinity pool of Moksha amidst the charming hills and the hovering clouds. It is in the pool that I chanced to meet a man in his late forties, coming every year to the resort. This man called Mr. Ramiro Gostling made me aware of the magical touch of these massages and how he treated his mental stress with the spa treatments available at Moksha. All this bit of factual information about the place really intrigued and I instantly felt pride to be a part of a nation so diversely enriched. It was an amazing experience in all and it really played a big calming effect on our mental arenas.

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