Prettiest roads of India

India is a perfect holiday destination and lures the tourists from all over the world. The beautiful nature and the picturesque landscape of India give a breathtaking view. The mesmerizing beauty works like an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are various roads or paths in India, which gives a heavenly feeling. The hill stations of India are amazingly wondrous. The chirping of the birds in the midst of the green surrounding and the wet road, the smell of the soil and fragrance of flowers is simply divine. Apart from the hill roads, various green paths in the woods and in the midst of the lakes and rivers are so brilliant that one would want to spend the whole life in the lap of such beauty.

To name some of such roads, there is a beautiful flowery road in Nainital, Uttaranchal. The road appears just like a picture. The beauty is so mesmerizing that one would be lost in the glimpse of it. Another such road is the Manali pass. The sight is so breathtaking and beautiful that one would be ready to spend the life in it. The path is surrounded by cedar forests and the wonderful view of snow capped mountains, the chirping of the birds and the different smell of the place makes it a perfect path to walk in. All the paths of Gulmarg, located in Jammu and Kashmir are perfect. Gulmarg means “meadows of flowers” and when snow covers the roofs of every hutment and trees, the roads becomes divine and walking through the beautiful paths makes one fall in love with nature.

Almora in Uttaranchal soothes the eyes of the viewer. The paths are decorated with flowers and it appears as if a person is walking on the carpet of flowers. The varied colour of trees and the hills that surrounds the roads appears like a dream. Ooty in Tamil Nadu is an ideal location to explore beauty of nature. The beauty which a person can witness in monsoons can never be felt in any other season. The wet woods and roads of this godly hill station are perfect. Dalhousie in the Himachal Pradesh is a calm and quiet hill station with a pleasant weather and picturesque beauty. All the roads of Dalhousie are amazingly beautiful.

Ahtong Sikkim Road

There are other beautiful paths in the country as well. To start with Ahtong in Sikkim, the path is so green and refreshing that nature makes you bow to her beauty. The emerald hues of the path are simply outstanding. The Corbett park pathway is also a green wondrous path. Numaligarh in Assam is also considered to be one of the most beautiful paths of the country as the bamboo shoots cover the whole way and in the midst of the bamboos, a narrow path, this is amazing. And patratu valley in Jharkhand is also beautiful. So, the various solemn paths of our country give peace and solace to all and one wishes that the journey never ends.

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