Prepare for a Relaxed Travel to India with Infants

India is a vast country rich in culture, history, heritage and natural beauty. It is a perfect mélange of historical monuments, age-old temples, plush avant- garde night clubs and cosmopolitan high rise towers. There is so much to see and explore in the land that you will get lost while exploring its grandeur and richness. After all, India is for all, irrespective of age, religion and community.

Prevalence of a strong bond between man and spiritual power influenced many couples to travel to India with their little ones to teach them lessons on faith and spirituality. However, traveling with kids is not an easy task. While kids travel to India, they normally stay exposed to food and water related diseases. So as parents, you need to be prepared in advance for any casualties while touring.

Dos and don’ts of traveling with kids by airline

The first and foremost thing you need to remember while traveling with toddlers is to apply for your child’s passport. Whatever the age of your child is, passport is mandatory for international travel.

While traveling by airline, enquire about baby facilities available in the airline you are planning to travel. Most of the airlines provide special baby bassinets and baby food pack. Also the toilets have fold down tables that can be used for changing diapers. It is always advisable to carry your own pack of baby milk, juice and diapers to be on the safe side. It is good to carry disposable feeders as hot water may not be available in transit.

Facilities for Kids in India

India is a hub of all international brands. Reputed baby products are easily available in malls or general shops in India. Diaper brands like Huggies and Pampers, body care products from Johnson & Johnson and powder milk from Nan are readily available in India. Also a lot of Mother care stores allow you for one- stop baby shopping for all your toddler’s needs. From your infant’s clothing to feeding bottles and toys, you get everything in mother care stores in India.

Pick the right hotel in India

If you are traveling with your infant, then opt for nothing less than a 3 star hotel. Choose the hotel in centrally located areas with basic amenities like doctor- on- call, 24 hours hot and cold running water and playground for kids.

Food for kids in India

Rice is the staple diet of India. Though Indians have a craze for spicy food, a lot of light dishes like dosa, upma and curd rice and plain bread with are available in every hotel, restaurant and small food joints of India.

Probable disease kids may catch in India
Common cold, cough, fever and diarrhea are common diseases among infants. They may also catch gastrointestinal illness during long journeys. Change of climatic conditions, food, lifestyle and place of stay may adversely affect the immune system of your little ones. So it is always good to consult your pediatrician and carry proper medicines while traveling.

Infants are unable to express their feelings, so it is necessary to look out for signs like lack of sleep, loss of appetite, drowsiness and energy loss. If such symptoms persist, consult for a good pediatrician nearby. GeTS Holidays make travel with kids simpler. So plan for a trip to India with your little ones and experience a relaxed and hassle free vacation altogether.

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