Plunge in the Pristine Beauty of Tawang

beauty of TawangIt’s natural that some things in life take place easily and some with lots of effort. Those who are travel enthusiasts like to explore places in any parts of the globe; no matter how much difficulty occur while doing so. In India, there are lots of enchanting destinations which one can explore and enjoy with little effort. The Indian travel operators play an important role to make your travel easy and comfortable. The land of Monpa people, Tawang is one of the beautiful destinations in India which you will love to visit again and again. The place bears something mystical that it enchants the people a lot.

Birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama, Tawang is a beautiful place in Arunachal Pradesh. This part of the region is located at 10,000 ft above the sea level. Though less explored, Tawang bears testimony of picturesque landscape, hills, serene atmosphere and humble people. It is believed that the place got is name after the famous Buddhist monastery, Tawang Monastery. This old monastery is visited by hordes of people and is situated at the edge of a ridge that runs along the western part of the place. The actual meaning of the word Tawang is ‘’Chosen Horse’’ which is derived as ‘Ta’ for ‘Horse’ while ‘Wang’ for ‘Chosen’.

Important center of Buddhist learning, Tawang is becoming a popular tourist destination as well. It shares it boundaries with Tibet in the north, Bhutan in the south and the Sela Range of West Kameng in the east. Nestled in the Himalayan Ranges, this hilly region has acquired the reputation of fabled Shangri-La. A land of pristine beauty, Tawang’s culture has not been corrupted by the civilizing influences of the outside world. The age old colorful cultures are still prevalent which can be noticed in the celebrations of various fairs and festivals. The Losar Festival celebrated by the Monpa community is one of the most important festivals of Tawang. The two weeks long festival is marked by feast and spending time with family and friend. It is celebrated usually in the month of February/ March, to herald the Monpa New Year. The famous masked dances of the people in their traditional attires are such a pleasure to watch. Apart from Monpa tribe, other tribes are also inhabitant of this hilly area.

With its serene beauty, lovely sights, and immensely grand locales, Tawang is a best destination to visit in India. The mighty hills with the encapsulating beauty of the place and the long distant snow capped peaks of the Himalayan Ranges makes Tawang a paradise in the real sense of the term. This enchanting place with many other monasteries, serene lakes, perennial vegetations and greenery, magical markets and mouth watering cuisines are enough for one to visit the hill station. For the shopping lovers, it is a best place to indulge in buying things. The exquisitely beautiful items like the wood carvings, carpets, bamboo works made by the tribes attracts the tourists a lot. It has a good range of souvenir shops selling items like Buddhist prayer wheels made of wood, Buddha statues, paintings, bags, shawls etc. Visit to Tawang will not disappoint you; it will give you some wonderful memories which you can cherish forever.

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