Plan your Cruise Holiday in India with These Handy Tips

India is a land of azure sea and postcard like islands. To go deep into the blue waters and explore the beauty of its unending trait, you have to take a boat cruise, as traveling by road is not possible. As the boat will cruise across the deep blue sea, you will be transported to a different world of utmost beauty and solitude. Indian cruise holidays are the best way to explore the country’s scenic islands and blue sea. Goa, Kerala, Andaman and Lakshadweep are exclusive cruise destinations where you can unwind and enjoy your mobile vacation. However, before you jump into your cruise holiday, you must take care of the following things:


Sea sickness: generally you do not feel sea sick because these ships that organize cruise holidays are generally stable and flow smoothly. But in case you are worried and travelling for the first time by ship, you can carry some medication for safety after consulting a doctor.

Book the cruise: there are several cruises that are organized in Andaman, Goa, Kerala and Lakshadweep. For example, the houseboat cruise is Kerala will take you across the pristine backwaters, whereas, cruising in Mandovi River in Goa is the best way to experience Goa’s culture and tradition. So, check out the cruise that attracts you and book it accordingly. It is always advisable to book your cruise in advance.

Reach the port on time: it is always advisable to reach the port city a day before your sailing date. This is because you have to check-in at the port at least an hour before the sailing time. So to avoid last minute rush and enjoy a hassle free journey, reach the port before hand. Also, if you get late, the ship will not wait.

Pack accordingly: though packing is entirely up to you, yet it is good to pack only the required amount. Pack a small bag with essentials like medical kit, camera, swimsuit etc.

All inclusive holidays: though cruise liners provide all inclusive holidays, there are always hidden cost involved. For example, hard drinks may not always be free and you might have to pay for using internet facility in the ship. So before you avail the facilities not mentioned in your all inclusion list, check the price for the same.

These are simply handy tips to make your cruise holiday in India a relaxed and enjoyable one. Make use of these tips and go ahead with your cruise holiday.

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