Mumbai Masala – A Trip Around The City of Dreams

If there is one place in India where the spirit of the people, the energy of India’s growth story, and the color of Indian culture blend, it is the indomitable city of Mumbai.

Known for its high-adrenaline and yet a widely diverse life, Mumbai is a city where untold flocks of people arrive every day to turn their dreams into reality. Boasting some reason, it has proved to be the oneiric city for the many a legend of present day India including Bollywood actors Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan.

This ever-eventful city is often characterized by the Bollywood film shootings, and while you may be watching one of those, you might never know if you are being a part of a crowd scene of the upcoming blockbuster.

Mumbai Masala

Apart from this alluring peculiarity of Mumbai, the city welcomes everyone to its overwhelming range of sight-seeing options. The majestic Gateway of India stands gloriously to mark the era of the British in India. This historic monument besieges a chaotic yet spirited crowd of onlookers at any point of time.

The serene promenade of Marine Drive is another happening place, which is a must-see. Often billed as a Queen’s Necklace, because of the magnificent curve of its streetlights at night, the place offers some succor from the busy environs of Mumbai as it is one of the most popular sunset watching spot.

However, where the people of Mumbai really retreat with their families after a hectic day of work is the Juhu Beach. You will be enthralled to see the sheer liveliness of the place thanks to fun and frolic the children have here, in addition to experiencing the mesmerizing breeze from the sea.

A whole range of delectable food, particularly street food, is sure to spice up your Mumbai experience. On one hand, you will have the copyright dish of Mumbai i.e. the Vada Pao and the chakli and on the other, you won’t have enough of the more traditional dishes like Modak, Dabeli and Batata Rassa. However, your trip will remain bitty if you don’t sip the aromatic Indian tea or as the Mumbai people call it — the “Masala Cut.”

In a nutshell, merely one visit to Mumbai can overwhelm a person with its passionate people, the wacky markets, the boisterous blend of food and culture and what not. In this city of dreams, life, for sure, is a moving.

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