Did you know Mawlynnong is India’s quirkiest and cleanest village?

Northeast India is the most unexplored and unseen part of the country. But it is this part of the Indian subcontinent, which is the home to several hidden beauties of nature. Tranquil water bodies, undulating tea plantations, rolling hills and tiny hamlets quietly adorn the small unexplored northeastern states of India. In this untouched land rests a village named Mawlynnong which is added to everybody’s wish list. Interestingly, this small village in the East Khasi Hiils of Meghalaya has been nicknamed as Asia’s as well as India’s cleanest village.

India cleanest village Mawlynnong

There is no other better place on to earth to witness the harmony between human and nature. It is the home to breathtaking living root bridges which flows across streams and is formed naturally by roots of giant trees. A walk across these bridges brings you close to nature and gives you every opportunity to explore the beauty and bounty of Mother Earth. Another heavenly place in this clean village is Sky Walk. It is a tree observatory that rests around 80 feet above the ground and provides panoramic vistas of the village and its enchanting green surrounding. Life here moves in an eco- friendly manner and this is the main reason why it has been able to retain the exquisiteness of nature. A 90km drive from Shillong will bring you to this God gifted garden where the hospitality of warm friendly locals will make your stay more rejuvenating and enjoyable.

As the village comes alive with the advent of monsoons, a number of small streams and waterfalls come into picture. Lush green gardens, flowering orchids and refreshing fragrance of wet soil make Mawlynnong an ideal destination to be at during monsoons. Far away from the chaos and dust of city life, Mawlynnong adorns every visitor with the air of freshness and rejuvenation.

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