Luxury Tour with Deccan Odyssey to Western India

A moving vacation by the Deccan Odyssey is undoubtedly an experience of a lifetime. Being one of the luxurious train journeys of the world, Deccan Odyssey takes you through the state of Maharashtra from Mumbai and Goa to Ellora and Ajanta caves.


Before you take on to this peaceful luxury voyage, be sure to come across the chaotic scene of commuters at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai. But off late you will realize that this is a sea of living humanity. Before you board the royal compartments, women in saris will welcome you with garlands, Red Tikka and oil while musicians will play joyful tunes to drown the sound of the moving engine. And here comes the luxury indigo python inside the station moving on the steel tracks. As the red carpet will roll out from the flower decorated doors, step into the air- conditioned interior to start on with your once in a life time journey.

Deccan-Odyssey Restaurant

As the engine will roll off, India will start reeling past your windows. The pleasant cabins and luxury lounge will add extra comfort to your enjoyment of experiencing a different India. Every day the train stops to disembark you for tours of towns and countryside. As the wheels first roll out of Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, the 17th-century Sindhudurg sea fort stands to welcome you. The fort built by Shivaji was once a naval base of the Maratha Empire. Enjoying the grandeur of towered brown walls of the fort, you will head for Goa. Rome of the East, for centuries Goa was Portuguese’s most valuable possession. Apart from the stretch of beaches and palm trees, you will get to see the magnificent church complex comprising of Basilica of Bom Jesus and Se Cathedral. Drink local fenny, enjoy delicious sea food and try your luck at local casinos. It’s your time and your place! So enjoy to the fullest!

Post Goa en route Kolhapur built on the banks of river Panchaganga. If you are a shopaholic then empty your purse by picking Kolhapuri footwear. The train halts at Daulatabad to fulfill the choice of a historian. Later as the engine rolls into rural India, the site of Ajanta and Ellora will welcome you. While the World Heritage Site of Ellora comprises of 34 rock-cut temples representing Buddhist, Hindu and Jain faiths, the cave of Ajanta comprises of 30 Buddhist caves that are engraved in the walls of a horseshoe valley.

You will detrain at your last stop, Nashik, a holy city on the banks of Godavari River and home to Kumbh Mela. Move to Panchwati Ghats to see the streaming flocks of worshippers taking ritual bath or floating lightened lamps on the river water. The murmur of prayers and the sound of temple bells will paint the picture of religious India devoid of fear and fight. Strangely the site of cow dung and women draped in red saris will seem beautiful.


Recollecting the scene of this beautiful historical, religious and scenic India, you will ride back to the City of Dreams. Be sure not only to praise the beauty of this princely train, but also the extravagant route it undertook to let you have a look at the natural beauty of India.

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