“Love is my religion- I could die for it”- John Keats

Love is in the air and in the water and in the walls and bricks and glass, love is everywhere. Penetrating through office cubicles, flowing through narrow by-lanes, sandwiched in the crowd, curling up in the street corner, sipping coffee in a coffee shop and shying away in lonely balconies. Yes! It’s that time of the year when you feel LOVE consuming you.

Spring has finally announced its sunny presence in Delhi, and there is no one enjoying it more than the Cupid couples. Connaught Place(CP) is flooding with Valentine theme restaurants offering couple discounts and delicacies. Delhi showers all forms of love to its lovely dwellers. With heart-shaped balloons to candies, from black current cakes to red rose vendors, love seems to be flowing in the veins of the city.

You can feel a sudden rise in the number of roadside red rose vendors, authoritatively asking you to buy the flowers and proclaiming their rigid presence almost everywhere. With special gigs and performances happening everywhere in varied pubs and theatres, few of the most fondly visited places in the first half of V-day are Haus Khaz village, INA, Delhi Haat and Connaught Place. You can visit the SDA market opposite IIT Delhi for a laidback bookshop browsing or can sip a pre-dinner coffee before hitting the main course.

Later in the night, an expressive rather expensive dinner wouldn’t hurt. There are a series of lounges in the Connaught Place area itself, the north campus, south extension, Hauz khas and multiple joints in Gurgaon, offers a diverse range to the love doves.

“You gave me a forever within the numbered days, and I’m grateful”- John Green. There is no wrong or right, where there is love, it always prevails. We wish you love, loads and loads of it and will continue writing about it till the V-day actually arrives.

Keep tuned for more.

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