Kolkata’s Mullik Ghat Flower Market- Colorful and Chaotic

Kolkata, the cultural capital of India and home of country’s most celebrated intellectuals and poets, the city is charming in its own chaotic way. The unending rush on its historic roads, the fascination of its delectable food, the insanity of its contemporary thoughts- Kolkata is the city where dreams are born. The British Raj capital of India, Kolkata is daring, audacious, adventurous and classy. Amidst all the diversity, the biggest strength of this charismatic city, are its people, who wear their love for Kolkata on their sleeve.

Kolkata-Mullik Ghat Flower market.

Colorful and magically chaotic, the charm of Kolkata can sweep anybody off their feet. One such area is the Mullik Ghat flower market. Located just below the magnificent Howrah Bridge, adjacent to the Hooghly River, the market is a cultural revelation for every visitor. A million strands of colorful flowers spread over the area, amidst an equal number of flower vendors, people and visitors, the place will be like a photo page from an old history book.

Market is flooded with a variety of flowers and people alike. The area is radiant virtually 24 hours a day with vendors living in makeshift shacks, some people run, others walk, some stretch in the middle of the road. But amongst the inconceivable shades of Kolkata, are the flower vendors, selling golden- yellow marigold and wearing the strands of flower around there waist, like a long flowery skirt. There are certain sights that are worth taking the pain for, and this is one such incredible picture, worth travelling the miles for.

Kolkata surprises you, at every corner. Its streets will leave you wondering, its people will leave you enlightened but above all, its chaos will leave you peaceful. So if you are visiting country and are in the east or anywhere near Kolkata, Visit it and we guarantee, you’ll end up dreaming about it.

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