Knock Knock – Pushkar Cattle Fair is Knocking at Your Door

Bundle of activities, hues of colors, sound of music and dazzling rays of light- these are what defines Pushkar Cattle fair in Rajasthan. If you are planning a trip to Rajasthan by October end or November beginning, then you are a lucky traveller, because the Pushkar Camel fair will be held exactly around that time. The Pushkar Fair, which is the world’s largest Camel fair, is held every year around October or November, according to the Hindu Calendar.

Pushkar is an incredibly small town popular for the sole Brahma temple and the holy Pushkar Lake. It is one of the oldest existing cities of India that emerged as a tourist hotspot with time. It remains occupied by Hindu devotees and innumerable foreign tourists throughout the year. Availability of plenty of budget and luxury hotels in Pushkar is no doubt an added advantage for tourist inflow. Pushkar remains decked up with beauty throughout the year, but during the fair, it turns out to be a world full of utmost grace, elegance and spirituality. The sight of herders and tradesmen making their way through the narrow streets to the golden sand dunes and setting up shops is truly magical. A trip to Pushkar during the fair will take you closer to earth and spirituality and you will get to enjoy days full of devotion, bliss and tranquility. Watch how the camels walk slowly along the sand dunes, livestock roll in with human beings and people dress up in colorful attires and traditional jewelry.


Lots of temporary souvenir stalls set up all along the streets are one of the biggest attractions to a tourist’s eye. You can get a tattoo done, make mehendi on your hands or pack your favourite pair of earrings and souvenir. Stalls full of local arts and crafts promises to leave you speechless with the creativity and talents of locals. Take a camel ride, bath in the holy waters of the Pushkar Lake, get your hands embellished with temporary tattoos and mehendi, capture mesmerizing sights of bejeweled camels with your camera, sing and dance with the locals and keep yourself far away from the luxury of swanky hotels during an exceptionally extraordinary vacation at Pushkar during Pushkar Mela

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