Khari Baoli – Asia’s largest spice market

The real charm of Delhi can never be explored completely. In the core of Delhi lies Old Delhi, perfect to witness the culture and heritage of India. It is a place dotted with markets that are mysteriously interesting. One of them is Khari Baoli, located next to Fatehpur Masjid – that usually remains off the radar of travelers in Delhi. It is a wholesale refined, local and rare spice market that is also a source of livelihood of the nearby locals.

A little bit of History


In the 17th century, the Khari Baoli market was born. The name “Khari Baoli” means a stepwell with salty water. The Khari Baoli stepwell was built under the rule of Salim Shah, son of Sher Shah Suri, (a Muslim ruler of India). However, the baoli doesn’t exist anymore and Khari Baoli market took its place.

Facts about the Asia’s largest spice market

This market is highly organized and trade happens in a strict order.


It offers a wide variety of dried chillies that you never knew existed.

It is not just an abode of spices but also offers prunes and dried mulberries imported from Afghanistan, Ratanjot (natural food dye used in Kashmiri cuisine), black and purple carrots, dried plums from Kashmir, dryfruits, raw pink salt, black salt and much more.It’s a popular spot for photography enthusiasts on their visit to Delhi. The raw beauty of this place is totally worth capturing.

While you enjoy a leisure walk in this market, you will find huge quantities of Khoya “Milk Solids” at sweet shops. Khoya is produced here at a big scale for preparing Barfi (made from milk solids and flavored with cardamom and nuts), preparing milk cakes, Kalakand (a rich milk cake) and Rasgullas (Indian cottage cheese balls dipped in sugar syrup).


You will find a great deal of Reetha (Soapnut) that is known to improve hair quality and texture. Amla is used as a natural remedy for not-so-good hair since olden times.

Closing Thoughts

Khari Baoli is not only confined to a wholesale market but is a tourist attraction in Delhi as well. It is definitely worth a wander to cherish the stunning glimpses and aromas of huge chunks of spice sold here since centuries. This wonderful sight will surely evoke interests to buy everything that is offered. So next time you get a chance to visit to Delhi, don’t forget to add Khari Baoli in your travel diary.

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