Kashmir offers Heli-Skiing “Be the part of the extreme group”

Kashmir heli skiing
Legend has it, that Kashmir was once a lake where the Gods made merry. The ambrosial scenery, the fascinating snow, the majestic mountains, beauty itself personified as the Gods crafted this “paradise on earth”. The endearing vale of Kashmir is home of snow-clad peaks, breathtaking gardens, rich hinterlands and majestic lakes. The closest image of heaven on earth as it is often referred to, the unsullied marvel of Kashmir has been adored for centuries.

The lush green foliage, wide swooping runs, gorgeous forested meadows and home of some of the fluffiest and deepest and the most bewitching snow on the planet. When the British discovered the tranquility of the valley, they made Kashmir there summer resort. In the 19th century when the travellers came to the valley, enchanted by its thrilling charms, they wanted to stay back. They were restricted from occupying land in the valley and thus the tradition of Houseboats was discovered.

The magical wilderness of Kashmir provides a massive arena for various extreme sports. Globetrotters visit the valley for skiing, sledging, paragliding, and the newest addition in the family, “Heli-skiing”. The exceptional snow clad topography of Kashmir region makes is a perfect arena for Skiing, when accessed by a helicopter the form becomes “Heli-Skiing”. The adventurous escapade shows you the enormity of Himalayan mountains from a Helicopter giving you an unaltered bird’s eye view, takes you to the powdery peaks and lets you ski downhill.

The rush and adventure of Heli-skiing is beyond an earthly experience. It’s intoxicating for the adventure enthusiasts, adrenaline junkies and explorers, for those who take tourism beyond the conventional sightseeing and jungle safaris. The new era of adventurists is just lining up waiting for the thrill to unfold.

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