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jaipur literature festival

The chilly cold month of January brings along with it not just a calming cool breeze but also a very flattering weather for all to get out and explore. This is the right time when a variety of festivals are held at most of the places in India. One such festival which is very unique and interesting to be visited is the Jaipur Literature Festival, an annual winter fest being held in the Pink City.

Literature is a subject which is not only limited to people with a relevant academic background, rather it is for all having a literary and intellectual bend of mind. And so, every year thousands of people from across the globe are committed to this five days enriching event. Many a renowned authors, writers, thinkers, publishers and others including some prominent socialites participate in the festival programs to gain knowledge and share it at the same time.

The fest is quite intricately arranged and includes programs like engaging discussions, debates, readings, lectures and question-answer sessions with a good number of guest speakers present at the fest. JLF has always witnessed prestigious personalities as the guest speakers, including famous celebs like Javed Akhtar, Sharmila Tagore, Barkha Dutt, Saurabh Ganguly and Dalai Lama. Some extremely distinct talk sessions are organized and spread over the five days of the fest.

Apart from the debate and talk sessions, interesting events like book launches of several books are also organized at the fest. Books of some of the most well-known veteran writers to that of some of the potential debutants are launched at the JLF. While the more established authors share their experiences and journey through the different phases of their personal and professional lives, the relatively new and inexperienced writers get a good platform to learn, explore and draw inspiration.

Some of the most controversial issues also find home to a few of much hyped and heated debates and talk sessions during these events, wherein the young opinionated populace gets a voice and position amidst all. And on many such relevant topics, workshops are also conducted taking in the several issues of people of the country. Certain noted portions of the some of the best-selling books also find room for readings during these literary days. All such intellectually rich events keep one engaged throughout and serve as good satisfying sources of knowledge and literary works.

In addition to all the reading-writing stuff, there are other major attractions like the evening musical and dance performances by some of the famous rock bands and artists coming together at this fest. The evenings also have a taste of the Rajasthani culture and tradition in few of the folk dance and traditional performances by the local professionals of the area to showcase their immense talent. Many celebrity bands and artists also perform at these evening events every day at the fest, which is the only chargeable/ ticketed program of the fest. All this justifies to state that while JLF is an apt place for all the writers and authors, for whom it will be like coming home but it is also a totally worth it experience even for those belonging to the non-literary realm. It is a must visit fest and surely not to miss, while visiting India early in the year.

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