It’s Time to celebrate the Hemis Festival of Leh, India

The hills of Leh Ledakh get itself decorated with lights and sound, pomp and show in the months of June- July to celebrate the vibrant Buddhist dance festival. Hemis Gompa, the biggest monastery in Ladakh, is the site of this famous annual Hemis festival that commemorates the birth of Guru Padamasambhava. It is believed that Padmasambhava was the founder of Tibet Tantric Buddhism. A testimony to the historical relevance of this colorful festival states that the monastery where the festival takes place is some 300 years old and is the biggest and richest monastery of Ladakh.

While Buddhism is relatively known for its tactful exhibition of faith and tactless exhibition of spiritual teachings and an overall resemblance of peace, this individual Buddhist ceremony is celebrated with much grandeur, color and euphoria. This is one of those rare Buddhist extravaganzas which hold a lot of excitement to deliver to visitors worldwide.

Hemis festivals of Leh, India

The Masked dance happens to be the biggest draw of the festival demonstrated by the lamas. The oddly heavy and colourful costumes and masks worn by the lamas make the event more interesting and enjoyable. The spectacular move of the lamas lead to an aura of clear contest between forces of good and evil. The cheerful music, rhythmic sound of cymbals, drums, and trumpets adds to the vibrancy of the show. After all the picturesque location of Leh is a unique delight for the travelers’ eye.

When is it celebrated?

The Hemis festival falls between June-July, every year.

2017: 4th-5th July

2018: 23rd-24th June

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Plan your trip to India during the month of June- July and be a part of this lesser known unique Buddhist festival to get acquainted with a beautiful culture and celebration humanity beholds.

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