It is Hardly an Off- season in Goa

Well, monsoons are generally considered to be off season in beach destinations and the same is applicable with Goa, India’s most sought after beach destination. However, the news happens when the so- called off season during monsoon records a significant increase in tourist arrival in Goa. Yes during the rainy months of June, July and August, Goa recorded around 18% increase in tourist arrival this year as compared to 2013.

Goa celebrates several festivals between June and September, which is a major reason for foreign tourist influx. São João is one such festival celebrated by Catholics at the onset of monsoon season. Also, apart from the scenic sight of lush greenery, monsoon is also the best time in Goa to experience white water rafting. Increased safety and security measure followed by awareness on monsoon and pilgrim tourism by Goa government contributed to the rise in tourist footfall.

Goa monsoon

So, now it seems that it is always an ‘on-season’ in Goa and the term ‘off- season’ may take a gradually back seat. Next monsoon, do not hesitate to plan a trip to Goa.

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