Stories That Will Inspire You to Travel

“Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it.”-Greg Anderson. This certainly reminds me of the people, who found their true passion while travelling. There are billions of such stories which will inspire you to pack your bags and head the road right away. So here i bring before you, 5 such inspiring stories of travellers around the world.

1/. Woman who conquered Kashmir to Kanyakumari on a bike:

Roshni, a 26 years old electronic engineer is the first woman to ride solo from Kanyakumari to Kashmir on her bike.

Source: Wenomads

Source: Wenomads

Not only did she leave us awestruck but also put aside the stereotypical belief that these tough roads are not meant for women.

Source: Wenomads

Source: Wenomads

Coming from an Indian family, convincing her family was indeed one of the toughest thing as she said in one of her interview.

Source: Wenomad

Source: Wenomad

Covering 11 states in 19 days (14 riding days) and having travelled 5452 km to reach Leh!! Hats off, lady.

2/. Breathe dream go:

When life gives you lemons, what would you do?
Mariellen, Canadian by birth faced her midlife crisis by her 30s when her mother died, her fiance left her, her father declared bankruptcy before dying out of cancer. By her 40s, she was with “unmarried, no kids, no career, no parents, no money” as she writes in her blog. Now that’s too many lemons at a time right? What would you do?

Source: Breathedreamgo

Source: Breathedreamgo

She was surely depressed for sometime but she didn’t give up. It was with the help of yoga, she found her way out of depression and was introduced to India.

Source: Breathedreamgo

Source: Breathedreamgo

It was at that point of time, she decided to visit India where she found her true passion, motivation for life. Ever since then, India is her second home.

Source: Breathedreamgo

“India is my soul’s home and my muse.”-Mariellen

3/. Hitchhiking for 511 days to India:

In todays world, where flash-packers set a new trend of travelling with all fancy gadgets, this couple hit the road with a DSLR camera, an ebook reader and an old Nokia phone. They travelled all through Asia before entering India from Myanmar and also picked a kitten in Burma.

As adventurous as it may sound, they did come across many hurdles be it ill health, being robbed, or being chased by dogs. But this didn’t stop the couple from reaching India.

They did make it a point to update their friends and family about their well being.

Meeting new people as you go, learning about their culture, food habits, not chained by the social media, enjoying the spectacular view and moreover building trust as they go; the journey that they had is indeed priceless.

4/. Visiting 400 national parks in an Air-stream Bus:

We all want the basic comfort in life but when commercialization takes, you try to find an escape to a calm serene place. This is what inspired this one family to sell their house, quit their jobs and buy an Airstream bus to visit all 400 American National Park sites. Their travel plans were made easier as their son was just 2 years old.

As they started their journey, they tried to cover as many places as possible but later slowed down to enjoy the true beauty of nature.

They freelanced to make a living while they were travelling.

So with their story in a moving house, this family does inspire us for once to quit out monotonous life and venture into the natural surrounding, in search of a new realm.

5/. Tony wheeler’s story behind lonely planet:

Most of you might wonder how the story of Tony Wheeler, the co-founder of Lonely Planet made it to the list. It was because of his travel enthusiasm and love for writing that we have these travel bible called ‘Lonely Planet’ today.

Started with a purpose to answer the people about the places they have already travelled; Lonely Planet was actually a collection of information jotted down in his diary which was later published. Their first guidebook was Across Asia on the Cheap.

Though the couple let go of Lonely Planet in 2007, this is by-far one of the most amazing guideline book created for travellers.

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