India’s Response to American and European Wonders

Pack your bags and choose your destination. If you feel that traveling to Europe or USA in not in your budget at the moment, then book your tickets for India. Cheaper as compared to USA or Europe, India offers a similar beauty natural creations which have left the travelers spellbound over the years. Here is a snapshot of some of the popular places of India that will remind you of their American or European counterparts.

The white and green laden Alps in Switzerland and the picture perfect Gulmarg- if the lush green valleys, postcard lakes and snow-covered Alps of Switzerland attract you, then head to Gulmarg in Kashmir. It is a perfect mountain retreat in the heartland of India which is breathtaking beautiful and adventurous. Pine fringed green meadows, absolute snow clad mountain ranges and Asia’s highest cable car ride make a perfect ambience equal to the beauty of Switzerland.

Kerala Athirapally Waterfalls

The majestic Niagara Falls and the famous Athirapally Falls: Kerala’s Athirapally Waterfalls have been nicknamed as the Niagara Falls of India simply because of its magnificent beauty and gigantic look. Dense green forests and abundant wildlife surrounding this gigantic falls are a sight to behold. If you have ever thought of thought of getting drenched in the world famous Niagara Falls, then head to Kerala.

Tranquil beaches of Brazil and Goa- have you dreamt of lazing around the serene beaches of Brazil holding your favorite cocktail in hand? To get the same feeling with a lesser expense, come to Goa, India’s favorite beach destination. Long sandy beaches, lively shacks, night parties and moments of solace and serenity too, Goa displays a sense of merriment and celebration very similar to those found in the beaches of Brazil.

Mystical Sahara Desert and Romantic Thar desert: the beauty of the undulating sun dunes of India’s Thar Desert is very synonymous to the mystical Sahara Desert, a palette of thousand shades of yellow and brown. Exotic camel safaris, breathtaking sunset and the sky gradually mixing with the shifting sand dunes take you to a world of imagination.

Antelope Valley of flowers and Uttrakhand’s Valley of Flowers: every spring, USA’s Antelope Valley of Flowers gets dressed in various shades of orange of freshly bloomed flowers. Similarly in India, during the monsoon months of July and August, Valley of Flowers in Uttrakhand gets blanketed with myriad shades and varieties of freshly blossomed flowers. Wild roses, geraniums and asters stretch from one end of the valley to another and create a sight to leave you absolutely awestruck.

No more hesitation and simply get ready to travel to India. Its plethora of natural wonders serve as biggest competitors of American and European splendors. So start exploring the gorgeousness of this mystical subcontinent.

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