Love Dipped Evenings in India’s Romantic Destinations

After a day piled up with business meets, paper work and traveling, evening is the time to return home and relax over a cup of hot tea and snacks. As the sun disappears and the scorching heat takes a back seat, the yellowish orange sky welcomes a calm comfortable evening. Cool wind starts to blow, stars get ready to twinkle and the moonlit sky sings the song of sheer romance and solitude. All these glitter like gold when your beloved is there to accompany you during the evening and turn it to be the most romantic part of the day.

India is a land of love stories that date back to the era of Mughlas, Rajputs, Ramayan and Mahabharata. Every part of the country holds a symbol of epic love sagas in different forms. As a result of this, India became an epicenter of some of the world’s most romantic destinations. They are absolutely perfect sights to visit during evening with your partner and spend some romantic cozy moments. Have a look at these lovely corners of India where you can spend evenings together.

Evenings in India Romantic Destinations

Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir: placid water of Srinagar’s Dal Lake ornamented by shikaras, houseboats and floating markets is one of the most romantic corners of India. Bordered by mighty Himalayan ranges, Dal Lake is the biggest attraction of Srinagar especially for couples. A shikara ride in the sun-bathed evening can be the most romantic experience in the world. Even if you visit it during daytime, do visit it again to get a glance of its out worldly romantic appearance.

Marine Drive, Mumbai: mushy moments with your beloved on Marine Drive turn out to be more romantic under the evening sky. Nestled beside the calm azure Arabian Sea, the Marine Drive bay is the most romantic point in Mumbai and whole of India. A hand in hand walk by the seaside or sitting on the rocks laying your head on your partner’s shoulder as the whole sea gets lightened up by colorful lights in the evening takes you to your own fairytale world. And in case it drizzles in the evening, the romance simply gets heightened up and fills you with sheer delight.

Taj Mahal, Agra: an evening at One of the Seven Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal can give rise to the most romantic evening of your life. The monuments of eternal love, looks like a living golden cascade under a moonlit sky. Exploring every corner of its beauty, clicking some romantic moments by the banks of Yamuna and listening to the echo of your own romantic notes give rise to an out of the world experience.

Palolem Beach, Goa: secluded, scenic and serene, Palolem Beach is the perfect place to watch sunset and immerse in the waves of romance. As you sit on the golden beaches and watch the dying rays of the sinking sun, you get to hear nothing, but mild chirping of birds and gentle sound of waves. After a hectic sightseeing tour throughout the day, a leisure romantic walk across the shore of Palolem Beach gives you an out of the world experience.

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