Why visit Goa during the Monsoons

The first thing that pops up in the mind, when one thinks about Goa is its beaches. However, it’s high time to break this yet another myth. And you know what? Monsoon is just the perfect time to discover this beautiful state beyond the sun, sand, and surf. Imagine a picture of empty drenched beaches, lush green scenery, swelling waterfalls, a laid back way of life and delicious cuisine and above all the financial benefit of visiting in the off-season. Below are compiled the convincing reasons that will make the avid explorers plan their visit to Goa in its drenched form.What’s more, you can even secure great deals on Goa hotels! 

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1/: Travel cheap and feel at home in world class accommodation at beyond expectation discounts

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You can check yourself that the tickets to Goa in the month of August are available at just half the amount that you are required to pay during the peak season.

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And not just travel cheap but you could also stay cheap. Not at all a big deal!! If you happen to get a fine hotel room next to the beach the tariff of which literally slashes down to a reasonable amount of what would have been charged during the peak season.

2/: Trek along the algae-laden pathways and witness the mesmerizing views of the Dudhsagar Falls

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Goa’s iconic Dudhsagar Falls is a must visit during the monsoons when the milky white waters are in full flow. Located amidst dense green foliage, it is considered to be Goa’s most stunning natural phenomena. The powerful gush here becomes almost dizzying! Try to stand too close to it so as to completely drenched.

3/: Catch the mystifying sight of the Spice Plantations

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The spice plantations come alive beautifully during the monsoon seasons, hence, this is one of the best time to visit them. For a more enriched experience, opt for a personalized guided tour. If the time permits, plan to visit a distillery nearby and sip a cashew Feni– a spirit produced exclusively in Goa, India. After the tour enjoys a delicious, traditional Goan meal served at the restaurant in the plantation.

4/: Witness greenery at its best in the Wildlife Sanctuaries

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Unlike other National Parks of India, wildlife sanctuaries of Goa remain open all throughout the year. Green and pristine milieu washed in the rain is an experience you just can’t miss. Some of Goa’s popular wildlife sanctuaries include Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary, The Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary.

5/: Goa is a place of unending nightlife, Monsoon time is no different

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At the end of the day, Goa is nothing if there are no vibrant late-night parties. This is by far the best season of party animals for they can dance to the tunes of the music till their feet hurts amid the soothing winds. The only state of India where gambling is considered legal is Goa and hence one can come across many floating casinos.

Trust us you’ll fall in love with the rains of Goa, all you need to is plan a visit with us by filling in your inquiry at the given link. GeTS Holidays

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