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The place where you will find the best of cultures, it is no doubt Kolkata, better known as Calcutta. Capital of India during the British Era, it is now home to millions of people. Influence of the British Raj is visible in the beautiful city and different walks of life. From the grand Victorian Era buildings to the rambling trams, Calcutta has retained the heritage of the British. Though this city is no longer the capital of India, but it is still continuing to be a center of cultural activities. The alluring old charm and the beautiful modern aspects have made this city pretty different from the other metropolitan cities. Attracted by hordes of tourist, Calcutta is one of the best places to visit in India.

Situated on the east bank of the River Hooghly, the city and the people have effortlessly contributed to the field of music, dance, art, drama and science. The people in Calcutta are emotionally driven and culturally enriched and tends to have a special appreciation for art and literature. These people are equally interested in soccer as much as they are passionate for cricket, sweets and fishes. For the Bengalis, the magic of monsoon is not only about the rains, but it is about the special culinary treat that comes with it. The most famous Ilish fish are the favorite of the people in Calcutta. Fried crisp, eaten with rice or steamed in banana leaves, cooked with mustard oil, no other fish is cooked in such a variety as the Ilish.

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With plethora of beautiful places in Calcutta, I prefer it to call so, India tour becomes worthwhile by paying a visit to this vibrant city. The proud testimonials of the British Era are evident on the beautiful structures. The most important testament of it is the Victoria Memorial; it is one of the best known landmarks for the tourist. Set in a picturesque landscape with manicured gardens, this marble structure is modeled on the Taj Mahal. Most prominent building of the present day Calcutta, it serves as art museum with a bronze statue of Queen Victoria set in the middle of the garden area. Have a ride on the horse driven carriage to soak up the Victorian Era nostalgia. The Indian Museum and the Marble Palace are the other Victorian style structures which reflect the best of architecture.

The grandeur and majestic appeal of the Howrah Bridge will definitely mesmerize you. Build over the Hooghly River, the illuminated view of the bridge is definitely a sight to behold in the evenings. From its inception, it has become the epicenter of Calcutta. It is a must visit place in Calcutta and the only city where the sight of hand-pulled rickshaws is common. Though it has been banned, but it cannot be done to the fullest as it is a livelihood for numerous rickshaw pullers. With lots of museums, garden, religious places of interest and variety of must see places, a visit to this colorful city will not at all disappoint you. Rather it will be one of the best trips which you can include in your memorabilia.

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