Wittiest Road Signs on The Way to Ladakh

The Buddhist Monasteries, arid topography, sparsely inhabited and the never ending rugged roads have made Ladakh by far one of the most preferred destination for road trips. It is said to be a bikers and photographers delight. Apart from its raw and unwinding beauty, the road sometimes gets too tiring and tough to stay focused and enjoy at the same time. So to help the travellers keep up with their pace as well as with a motive of helping them drive safe, Border Road Organisation (BRO) came up with the wittiest quotes ever.

Welcome to the land of Lama.


Well, the best way to put it.


Umm, you might want to use an alternative way to keep up with the cold weather.


Maybe 5 more kilometres?


Get going but take it slow.


Told you, take it slow.


Why don’t you understand?


Darling! This might be a fair warning.


A tricky one, I must say.


Simple words but deep thoughts.


And ladies! This one for you.


No one is testing your punctuality.


Baby don’t hurt me, no more.




Btw, you know the difference right?


When it says,


It means, 


And at the same time,




Also, make sure to


And finally you will see that,



As witty as these signboards could be, all of it carries a message to make you aware of the road conditions and help you have a safe journey. Travel safe and enjoy the kaleidoscopic view of Ladakh’s topography displayed at its best. And the memories will forever be there to cherish.

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