Folks, Read These Tips for a Fun-Filled Gadget Free Travel

Why do you want to check your mobile phone, upload status messages and check-in posts in Facebook every now and then while holidaying? While traveling it is better to keep yourself away from your tablets and smart phones along with social networking sites and instant messengers. Just think of a day when you will keep away all your gadgets in your travel bag, stay technically offline and simply connect yourself with nature and its offerings. I am guarantee that you will have one of the most relaxed days of your life and your gadget free vacation will turn out to be the most cherished one.

Technology addiction can be very harmful. It can eat away your leisure time, spoil your relationships and give you less chance to explore the holiday destination. So just try to go back to the technology- free era, follow the days of pen and paper and see that life can be equally interesting without machines and gadgets. Have a look at my tips and take the feel of an old- fashioned trip.

paper map travel

1. Bid goodbye to Google map and follow a paper map: there was a time when people traveled without a road map on an electronic device. Your Google map application or GPS might take you to your destination very easily, but will not give you the chance to explore an unknown place, talk to the locals, land up in a local restaurant, lose your way in a dense jungle in search of adventure etc. After all, getting lost in an unknown land during a vacation is all the more fun. However, carry a paper map, read the directions in it and find your way like a real wanderer. At the same time, take the fun of knowing your surroundings

2. Give a break to prior bookings: why do you want to sit in front of the computer and waste your time pre- booking your hotels and cab? Rather utilize that time by planning the vacation with friends/ family. Just land at the destination, make your way out of the airport/ station, hire a local cab and set off for searching the best hotel. You might never know your taxi driver can turn out to be more efficient in searching the right hotel for you rather than your gadget. This also helps you in finding the right hotel in the right location and at the right price. However, when traveling with kids or oldies I would suggest to pre book your transportation and accommodation. Off course, here I do not mean flight tickets, because on the contrary pre-booking your flight tickets will give you more chance to enjoy heavy air ticket discounts.

road travel

3. Research on your destination: rather than studying about the place in your smart phone during vacation, it is good to do the research before setting off for the trip. Plan your trip with technology before hand, make some connections with the locals and select few destinations with the help of internet, but do not let technology make you follow its way.

4. Trust your faith: come out from the comfort of a tech-savy world. Explore the world on pen and paper and make friendship with the unknown. Have trust in yourself, think positive, carry few necessary items like water bottles, medicines, torch, laptops and chargers (just in case you need them) and explore the world like a 18th century nomad.

I am sure while you come back, you will have more reasons to remember your trip. Get set gooo!!

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