Flute and the setting Sun at Thar Desert Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is known as golden city and is situated in the picturesque Thar desert.
It is 575 km west from Jaipur the capital we reached at the hotel in the evening. On the way we saw the historic monuments, the police post everything made of yellow sand and yellow sand stone which is unique in its color. Historic monuments are all over the town, but the main attraction is the fort and the sand dunes.

Next day we visited the Jaisalmer fort in the morning. It was built in 1156 Ad by Rajput ruler Jaisal and is also know as Sonar Quila. We were amazed by the Islamic and Rajput style of which is out of the world. My brother inlaw who had come from states and is a excellent photographer was in his own world taking pictures and was totally oblivious of the surrounding. Fort has four majestic gates, Akhai pol, Ganesh pol, Suraj pol and Hawa pol. The main entrance gate Akhai pol is magnificent. . . . Raj Mahal, Laxminath temple and jain temples are some of the attraction with in the fort. . Regular source of water is still provided by the old wells inside.

It is also known for its following striking havelis which are the interesting aspect of the desert city

  •   SalamSingh ki haveli
  •   Nathmalji ki Haveli
  •   Patwan Ki haveli—The jali work is amazing
  •   Shreenath Haveli

Shreenath haveli is still occupied by the descendants of Vyas family. The old carving on the ceiling and door are beautiful. Five rooms of the haveli are converted in to a small hotel, and you can live in a royal style.
You can also see one of the oldest liberary of India in the town where you can find some of the oldest and rarest manuscript and articles of old Jain tradition.

The visit to Thar desert is not complete unless you have taken a exotic Sam dune desert safari. Best way to get there is on camel back, We did the same and enjoyed the sloping sand dunes on our way. We reached the best spot one hour before the sun set and settled on the sand. After about half an hour to our pleasant surprise we saw a local boy of fifteen or sixteen singing a Rajasthani folk song on the flute. It was a mesmerizing and breathtaking experience. . On one side you could see the red and orange colors in the sky with specks of clouds and on the other side the melodious flute music in the background. I was in the seventh heaven. For my brother in law it was a photographers paradise, and he was totally oblivious of the surrounding.

The town is very colorful,vibrant and the people are extremely friendly. The desert festival are organised during Feb /March every year at the Sam sand dunes. Folk dances, camel races, puppet show and other cultural show are part of the festival.

Jaisalmer is very popular destination for the foreigners as well as Indians. A visit to Rajasthan is not complete unless you include this amazing town in your itinerary.  So, what are you waiting for, book a jaisalmer tour now.

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