Feel the taste and aroma of Darjeeling Tea while enjoying the beauty of the hilly region

Nationally and internationally renowned as a tourist spot, Darjeeling is located at the rolling mountains of the Himalayan Range with Mt. Kanchenjunga towering over it. This hilly region is located at 7,000 feet and is famous for the tea it offers better known as Darjeeling tea. It is the center of the tea industry tracing its roots back to the British Raj. Even now the influence of the British is still visible in the tea gardens. Tea bushes are brought in by the British from China.

beauty of darjeeling hill

Due to the unique agro-climatic conditions, Darjeeling Tea has its distinctive flavor. It is available in black and white or oolong. Enjoying the aroma at the place of its origin is a lifetime experience. You will feel a different feeling in the midst of the landscape covered by the tea bushes. Connoisseurs rightly say without Darjeeling, tea is like wine without the prestige of champagne.

Darjeeling tea is one of the most expensive of all tea. The flavor is so unique that it cannot be replicated in any parts of the world. Grown in the mystical mountain regions, it has a charisma of its own. There are various benefits as well in drinking Darjeeling Tea for which it can be termed as a healthy drink.

Flora around Darjeeling comprises of sal, oak, semi-evergreen, temperate and alpine forests. Wide varieties of orchid are available in the region. Various types of animal and birds are found in this region as well. Darjeeling plays host to the famous Himalayan red panda and the snow leopard. Apart from the tea gardens, the places which attract the visitors are Mountaineering Institute, Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop and War Memorial, Rock Garden, Mirik Lake, Art Gallery and many more. For those who love trekking, this region is a paradise. The popularly known Sringalila Trek enables one to enjoy the beauty of the Himalayan region.

If you are in the region, and not enjoyed the toy train ride, your journey will remain incomplete. The toy train or the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway which runs between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling is listed as one of the three mountain railways of India in World Heritage site. It takes you to a wonderful ride enjoying the natural beauty of the hills, creepy lanes and chirping of various birds. Darjeeling has also become a popular site to capture in frames for the people of the film industry.

If you get a chance to visit this beautiful Himalayan region, don’t miss it! Rise early to view the sunrise over the Mt. Kanchenjunga. Get the pleasure of visiting the place and enjoying the flavor of Darjeeling Tea and relive the moments enjoyed there.

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