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If exploring the beauty of nature tempts your addiction then be sure that your destination would be once in a lifetime expedition to Leh-Ladakh. Carved as a separate province of the state of Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh is blessed with the sweetest kiss of nature. Tranquil lakes and astounding view of Himalayas has made this place a must go site for all the avid adventurers out there. The unspoiled beauty of this place lies in the unruffled silence and breathtaking views that are an element of surprise after every jiffy.

No matter if you’re late for your vacations and all what you can really spend is just a week, worry not! You’re just on time for the amazing journey of Leh that will mesmerize your senses and you’ll be left with a glimpse of some of the finest memories. Let us quickly check out what all can be done in a nap of week.

Wait! Are you worried about how would you reach Leh? If so, then put an end to your worries as you can quickly get a flight from the country’s capital, New Delhi that will take you to lay in around five hours. Air travel to Leh is one of the most fascinating journey’s that you’d probably fall in love with.

Your first day at Leh!

Alright! After you’re there, you’d hardly feel like resting in your hotel room and watching the boring walls around you. Instead, snow suiting up and hitting down the wonderland outside would be something you’d rather chose to go with. However, it would be better to check out the local market of Leh and a visit to Shanti Stupa upon the day of your arrival.

Second day shows up on full swing!

So, after having a sound sleep in the lap of Himalayas and some healthy breakfast, you’re all set to show up with some interesting places around you. Mark Indus Valley Monastery in your charting that would include a visit to the summer capital of Ladakh, Shey. Furthermore, Thiksey would certainly be your next stop destination. Housing lot of items of Buddhist art, the 12 storey Thiksey is located at an altitude of 11,800 feet. This is undoubtedly and interesting complex structure that raises degrees upon degrees above the village, Stok Palace & Sindhu Ghat.

It’s the third day on your day calender now!

After having a cozy nap, you’re all fit at heart to highlight yet another destination on your go. Soon after you’re done with all your daily courses and morning breakfast, you are all set to leave for Nubra Valley, which will lead the way through the Khardung-La pass. Interestingly, this is the highest motorable road in the world at 18,390 feet. So, you can blossom your senses after reaching the Nubra valley- the valley of flowers. Sumur is yet another destination that would for sure allure your senses with its grand monasteries.

Fourth day knocking at the door!

Okay! After having a ravishing time on your third day, the fourth would take you to a visit of Sand Dunes in Nubra Valley wherein you can relish the beauty of nature and also take up the camel safari. Soon after you’re through with the day schedule, it would be the time to leave back for Leh via Khardung La. Take rest in the hotel or visit the local market or shops nearby you and buy something yourself and families or friends.

This is your last to make it count!

Finally, this would be the last day of your amazing trip to Leh and you have to make it awesome! Without wasting much time in the hotel anymore, soon after the breakfast you can leave for Pangong Lake that is situated 14,000 feet above. The directing route for the same would be channelized through Changla Pass that is high as 17,998 feet. Alas! You’re there at the Pangong Lake. Interestingly, the lake is almost one hundred and thirty Kilometers in terms of its length and about six to seven Kilometers in terms of its width. However, this very area was quite restricted couple of years back due to international border between India and China but now this is amid the famous tourist destinations of all times. After making your day count, you’ll be leaving back to Leh in hotel.

Wrapping up the entire trip to Leh, now is the time for you to blossom your heart with the nostalgic memories. Early morning, you will be guided to the airport at Leh wherein you’ll be boarding your flight to onward destination

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