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Bandhavgarh National Park, renowned as the white tiger country, rests across the Vindhya hills in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh, India. Former hunting preserve of the Maharaja of Rewa, it is a natural abode of varied wild species, especially the Royal Bengal Tiger and White Tiger. This park gained huge fame when it became a part of the Project Tiger Network in 1993 and white tiger was spotted in the forests of Bandhavgarh for the first time. It has the highest tiger population in India and beholds large number of leopards and diverse deer species. Over the years, this park witnessed a significant rise in tiger count and this is why, it is famed as the top-rated tourist spot for tiger sightseeing. Here, you will also find wild dogs, wild boars, sambar, macaques, black-faced langurs, hyenas, nilgais, porcupines, sloth bears, jackals, chinkaras and many more.

Apart from wildlife, this park boasts tall grasslands and thick forests, bamboo, sal trees and wooded cliffs that creates a perfect ambiance for the animals and birds present. For history enthusiasts, man-made caves, rock-cut structures, huge statues, water reservoirs and temples etc. in the forest will add forever memories to the trip.

You need to hire a jungle safari (Safaris closed on Wednesdays) accompanied with a guide for an exquisite wildlife experience of the Bandhavgarh National Park. These safaris provide a tour of this park in early morning and afternoon shifts. However, the best time for a jungle safari in summers is in early morning as tigers usually come out to hunt during this time and stay in cool-enclosed areas at daytime.


Sloth Bear in Ranthambore National Park

Sloth Bear in Ranthambore National Park


Best time to visit?

Summer (March-June)

As the summer season begins, the tigers can be sighted as the vegetation dries and they visit the water bodies more ofter to drink water or take rest.

Monsoon (July-October)

During the monsoon season, this park does not permit visitors. Hence, it is not the ideal time to visit.

Winter (November-February)

During this season, this park attracts huge number of tourists, especially nature lovers and bird watchers. However, due to dense grasslands, animal sighting may be less.

How to reach here?

By Air:

You can book a flight to the Khajuraho Airport, also called the Civil Aerodrome Airport in Khajuraho town of Madhya Pradesh. You can also book a flight to the Jabalpur Airport, also known as Dumna Airport is located on eastern side of Madhya Pradesh. Once you deboard, you will get plenty of transport options to reach your onward destination.

By Rail:

The closest railway heads are Umaria, Katni, Jabalpur and Khajuraho. All these stations are well-connected to major cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Indore. Once you arrive at the railway station, you will find ample public transport options to reach your onward destination.
Also, do not forget to check out the much talked-about Bandhavgarh fort located in the hinterland of this park. This fort, dated back to 10th century and located at 811 meters atop the hill, will be no less than a visual delight to your eyes. You can find sandstone caves that are around more than 2000 years old engraved with Brahmi inscriptions. It is believed that Lord “Rama” gifted this fort to his younger brother “Lakshmana”. This is why, it is called Bandhavgarh – Bandhav means “brother” and Garh means “Fort” and holds great importance in the history of India. So if you are planning to visit the Bandhavgarh National Park, you should definitely visit this historical landmark of India’s history.

Note: You may require prior special permission from the forest authorities to visit the Bandhavgarh Fort.

The Bandhavgarh National Park is an assortment of nature, art and beauty. For wildlife lovers, this park has a variety of wildlife to offer and for nature enthusiasts, this park is a rich heritage of flora and sublime visions.

It is a preferred spot for wildlife photographers from around the world. So what are you waiting for? Book your trip to Bandhavgarh National Park and get candid with nature like never before!


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