Different Kind of Tourists You Come Across While Travelling

1/. Adventure seeker: The one whose life is all about hiking, trekking, mountain biking and all other expedition.

2/. The over packer: We all have that one friend, who packs half of their closet for just a weekend trip.

3/. Photography addict: Clicking pictures of breakfast, coffee mug, spoon or even the tissues is definitely a kind of OCD.

4/. The planner: Weeks or months before the date of travel, they find about the places to see, distance, mode of transportation, total estimate of budget and so on.


5/. Know it all: Even before someone starts a topic, there is always this person who has done that or been there before. Irrespective of their knowledge about the topic, they always have an input to it.


6/. Family time: A family stick together in good times and bad and, thus travel together too.

7/. The complainer: There is always this one traveller who complains about almost everything, be it food, places to see, timing, convenience and blah blah.

8/. Flash packers: New fancy bunch of travellers who are a tech junkie and travel with fancy phones, laptops and digital cameras.

9/. Solo travellers: The confident lone travellers who don’t rely on a group to travel to a place of their choice.

10/. Group traveller: Travelling in large groups and taking a group photo at every stop is a must.

11/. The affectionate couple: The couple who just can’t get over each other.

12/. The party lover: All time eat, sleep, party, repeat. EDM is life for them.

13/. The repetitive tourists: Visiting Paris during spring last year was so much fun; will visit this year too and soon make it a tradition. Are you one among them?

When your parents ask you to join them for a vacation.

When your parents ask you to join them for a vacation.

14/. The under packers: Assuming one pair of shorts and two tees would be enough for a week or two long vacation in a beach is definitely worth a second thought.

15/. Hippie travellers: Lose trousers, dreaded hair and travelling wherever your fate takes you.

16/. Selfie addicts: But first, let me take a selfie.

17/. Luxury traveller: Lives in a world where travelling by local transport is a myth.

18/. The collector: Maintaining a travel diary, collecting every coupons and adding it onto the travel journal, every time they travel.

19/. The talkative one: Their energy is a bliss. Talking 24/7 is not an easy task and everyone can’t do.

20/. Foodie traveller: Travelling to different places trying out new cuisine is indeed an exciting passion.


So which one are you?

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