Delhi Battling With Cold- Delhi Through a Fresh Pair Of Foggy Glasses

india gate view in winter

As Delhi continues to fight its unrivalled battle against constantly magnifying cold, people have been hiding under layers of blankets and running out of places to lavish their time. Scattered rain and chilly winds have been causing a major slump in the overall temperature, dipping as low as 6 degrees Celsius. The atmosphere is uncanny because let’s face it! Delhiites don’t believe in staying home. There is nothing and no one that can kill our Buzz.

I can go jabbering about the heritage, history, legend and culture of this marvelous city but you probably know that already. So instead I decided to talk about cold and places to hide. Well if you are visiting Delhi and thought of catching the ebullient diversity of the capital city and the cold is breaking your travellers’ will, splatter some cold water on you face, pull up your boots and head out.

First on our list is:

1. Lazy strolls at Cannaught Place – The abundance of street food peddlers on the Inner circle can be felt during winters. Start at block A and take leisurely strolls in the hoop, grab Bhelpuri, Dim sums, Bhajiya, Hot Chai, Papad, Aaloo Chat, Hot Pakoras and conclude with a Mitha paan. Walk till your knees hurt and head back home all warm and dizzy.

2. Ice cream at India Gate- Cold kills cold – We don’t have to abide by this twisted old saying but if you are an Ice Cream fan, take a late night tour of the city, park around the corner from India Gate and gobble on those yummy ice candies. Nothing can be colder than that, experience the extreme.

3. Go Shopping – The season of the shopaholics, winter brings a variety of coats and scarves and gloves and bags and shoes and booties and what not! Go on these afternoon shopping sessions and discover fashion at its best. Delhi is flooding with bazaars, there are N number of Malls ranging from brands to designer wear to choose from.

4. Narrow alleys of Chandni Chowk – The exotic parathas and Chaats and Tikki pouring in the by-lanes of Chandni Chowk has always been a fascination for locals and tourists alike. This oldest sector of the capital is always on a move no matter what. The sizzling streets and the roasting mouthwatering food will leave a lukewarm satiating effect on your torso.

Wouldn’t be long before the scorching sun will be shining over our heads but enough of cold already! Don’t just sit back on your couch instead take command of the city. Visit Delhi with a fresh pair of foggy glasses. Enjoy!

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