Dancing in Rain with Monsoon in India’s Mountains

Monsoons all across the globe are a veritable feast for nature lovers. And when it comes to monsoon in India, it emerges as the much awaited and romanticized season of the year. It comes as a welcome respite after the long scorching summer months. Levels of water bodies rise, freshly bloomed flowers decorate lively green meadows and cool wind soothes the arid parts of the country. Though the roads get flooded and heavy traffic leads to an all round chaotic situation, yet no one can hate the pleasure of dancing in the rain and having hot tea and warm pakoras after getting drenched. Romantic bollywood numbers are uttered by nature lovers as they welcome the first shower of the season.

Valley of Flowers Uttrakhand

The monsoon is probably the most photogenic season that captures the mood of nature and even amateur photographers. It is also one of the best times to visit hill stations as during this season the otherwise dry mountains turn wet, misty sky touch their peaks and pastures are reborn making green the color of the season. Mountains even become favorite locations for couples to romance during the rainy months. The towering Himalayas of the north and east and picturesque Western Ghats of the west and south adorn themselves with eye catching sites of a sumptuous riot of colors.

One such heavenly destination in North India is Valley of Flowers in Uttrakhand. The Valley of Flowers National Park consists of around 55 miles of high altitude meadows full of tall wildflowers. The backdrop of perpetually snow clad mountain ranges add to the beauty of the colorful valley. As the raindrops blanket the entire park during the monsoons, its more than 300 species of wildflowers come alive making it a perfect site to photography and adore its beauty. Monsoon is also the perfect time to plan a trip to Valley of Flowers as one gets the chance to dance with the falling of rain drops and murmur the lyrics of legendary romantic numbers. July and August is the best time to go here as the flowers are in full bloom.

Karsog Valley in North India’s Himachal is another mind blowing destination to visit during the rain fed months. Karsog Valley is one of those little pieces of Himachal where less tourist influx and utter silence has turned it into a paradise of the state. This is an excellent hill station where one can enjoy nature’s bounties to the core. It lies in the Pir Panjal range of the Himalayas and offers a postcard like setting with misty mountains, dazzling green meadows and soothing wet environment.

On the other hand Konkan Coast to the west of India is the most amazing site to be during the monsoons. Shayadri Mountains on the east with the Arabian Sea on the west makes Western India a heavenly destination to enjoy the rains. High rise mountains of the Western Ghats receive plenty of rainfall making the weather absolutely pleasant for locals and foreign tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature. The Kaas Plateau in Maharashtra may be known to very few people, but once one make it to the plateau he will be forced by nature to retain back. It is a few hours’ drive from Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore and is ideal for those who want to tap their feet with raindrops in the mountains.

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