Condescend : Traveling in India Made Easy!

Yeah! This is what you’ll have to do, when you’re traveling to and in India. Practically not, but in terms of that you’ll have to keep your superiority or high class eminence or pompousness at lull and and be pretty humble. Since India’s multidimensional diversity more than often blows the minds of first time visitors. Not that the peninsula is bad to tour but it is stuffed with conflicting events, paradoxes and inconsistencies in every single element that to the end it’ll will completely baffle you, if you’re not already mentally prepared. So, better, practice becoming a street smart and adaptable!

The subcontinent swells with quirky inconsistency, heterogeneity and variances; this diversity can be spotted in each and every element of this country. When you touch down on India’s land, you’ll hear people discussing, contending or just prattling about few common topics. If observed, you can easily identify these main topics discussed almost in every part of India; they are cricket, politics and Bollywood. People of India are mad about cricket, crazy followers of Bollywood wannabes & hunks and strong abominators of politics.

Any type of personality is welcome to India for she will never let him get disappointed in the pursuits of his desires & likings. So, if you’re an ardent lover of  nature and its dwellers (flora & fauna), you have then Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Tamilnadu etc on your count. You can also explore the rugged terrains of wildlife & bird sanctuaries and national parks across Rajasthan, Assam, Kerala, Gujarat etc. For those who have spiritual bent of mind, India has manifold religious sites and a big bunch of soul stirring philosophical epics. For appeasing your thirst of knowledge in spiritual and religious fields, visit Lumbini, Sarnath, Bodhgaya, Ajanta & Ellora and Khajuraho. If you’re adventurous, venturesome and a daring spirit, plunge into Goa, and enjoy the freaking days and rocking nights. Stroll around the Kerala beaches and sleep in the shade of palm trees, you’ll feel deep down an overwhelming peace and contentment.

Although it might get tough to digest such an immense potpourri, but after enjoying this much and witnessing so much diversity, you can never think India as a distorted piece of variations, but will remember forever as a sweet and interesting medley of differences.

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